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Suspect Illegal Activity At Work? Here’s What You Need To Do Next

The business world is an eery place filled with suspicion and illegal goings on. Many companies will bend the laws to get ahead. But, what if you suspect illegal activity in the company you work for? Here’s what you need to do next:


Do Some Extra Digging

Sometimes, suspicions turn out to be just that. You find that there’s no illegal activity happening, your assumption was wrong. But, you won’t know this unless you do some extra research. Keep an eye on the people you suspect. See if you can dig around for extra evidence. You may find that you were right, and there is bad stuff happening in your company that’s being covered up. Make sure you do the research before you jump to conclusions and start blowing your whistle. Otherwise, things could blow up in your face.

Report The Activity

If your suspicions were correct, it’s time to take action. Naturally, you don’t want to be part of the illegal activity. It has nothing to do with you; you don’t want to become involved in it or lend a helping hand. What you need to do is report the activity to the authorities. If you find the bosses are the ones doing illegal things, you should go to the police. If it’s fellow employees, tell the people at the head of your company. It’s important you report this, so people can do things about it and make sure it stops happening.

Find A Lawyer

Usually, businesses don’t take kindly to an employee telling people about their wrongdoings. If you’re a whistleblower, you tend to end up getting fired. They’ll chuck you out and leave you without a job. This isn’t fair, especially when you consider what you’ve done. All you did was report illegal activity; they are the ones in the wrong, not you. Find yourself a whistleblower attorney to protect your rights and get you your job back. Plus, you could be rewarded for telling them everything you know about the illegal happenings. This is definitely something you need to do.

Prepare For Life Afterwards

Life after an event like this can be a bit tricky. You may get your job back and have to deal with a hostile environment. Some of your colleagues could see you as a traitor, perhaps they knew about what was happening and kept it quiet. Often, if illegal things are being done to benefit the company, people stay silent. As employees, you may get financial gain because of the benefits the business receives. So, you might upset a lot of people when you return to work. You should also consider if you want to return to the same company. If it paid well and you were happy with your job, you may want to return. After all, the people that did illegal stuff will probably be gone. If you don’t want to go back, it’s time to look for another job.

Noticing suspicious activity can put you in a very awkward position. But, it’s important you know what to do in a situation like this. Keep this advice in mind, just in case, it happens to you.

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