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Riding for Charity

Do you enjoy bike rides? How about giving back to the community? If you are looking for something new and exciting to do in September, then it might be worth considering doing the London to Paris charity bike ride. This event is run by global adventure challenges, who deal with many different charity challenges. The best thing about this particular website is that you can choose the type of challenge you would like to do.

Cycling for Charity

You can also choose which charity you would like to raise money for. So you could raise money for a charity you feel particularly strong about. You could even ask friends to join you. They can also choose their own charity.

Benefits of cycling

Not only is cycling a lot of fun, it also has many health benefits.Cycling on a regular basis can help you lose weight, reduce stress and improve your fitness. Cycling is a popular recreational activity in the UK, with an estimated 3.1 million people riding a bike each month.

The best thing about cycling is that anyone can do it.Fromtots to pensioners, even people with disabilities can have fun cycling if they have the right bike. Remember bikes can be adapted to suit your needs.

In addition to this, it is easy to get into cycling as it can be used as a form of transport. It’s cheaper and much greener than running a car or even catching a bus. You can take your time, or go as fast as you like.

It is also low impact in terms of exercise so you can do it for much longer than another form of high impact exercise such as running. If you are looking to lose weight it is also perfect as an hour of riding will burn around 650 calories. Itshould be noted though if you are overweight you will burn more as your body works harder.

So if you decide to participate in a charity challenge, in particular the London to Paris charity bike ride, it can take up to two days, that’s two days solid, not counting stops for rests and sightseeing. Adding this in can take the total up to 5 days)that’s 48 hours. If you work out the calories burned it works out to be a whopping 31200 calories! Bearing in mind that to lose 1lb, you need a deficit of 3500 calories.So effectively you could lose up to 8 stone in weight!

Make sure you are safe!Wear a helmet, and if cycling at night make sure you have reflective clothing and lights to make you visible to other traffic.

Cycling Safety

As mentioned above, whilst cycling can be fun, it is also important to make sure you are safe whilst doing so. When cycling you must also take special care in the safety of others around you. This includes pedestrians. A bike can still cause significant damage to a person. Youmust always make sure to look all around, particularlybehind you, before you attempt to turn, overtake or stop.

Be sure to use arm signals, this helps vehiclesknow where you are going and they can prepare appropriately. Remember road signs and traffic signals are for your benefit too.

Avoid using the pavement unless it is safe to do so. Pedestrians have right of way. Use roads where appropriate.

If you are on a busy road do not cycle two abreast, make sure you are in single file. Not only is it safer but it also helps with traffic flow. Watch out for opening car doors. Adriver may not see you. In addition to this make sure you leave plenty of room to pass by parked cars.

It is best to not use headphones whilst cycling as it can distract you from your surroundings. In addition to this, it’s advisable to never use a mobile phone whilst cycling. It can be dangerous. If you need to make a call, find a safe place to stop and do it there.

Cycling for Charity

Once you have chosen which charity you would like to raise money for, you can sign up on the London to Paris charity bike ride site. Registering costs £99. Here is a detailed plan of what will happen, day by day. The whole thing takes 5 days.

  • Day 1 – The charity challenge starts early early with cycling commencing at 7 amstarting in London. This part takes you through Kent to Dover in where you will board a Ferry to Calais. This leg of the journey is 73 miles.
  • Day 2 – This leg of the journey is 80 miles and takes you from Calais to Arras. This part of the route has lots of villages and quiet country lanes to make the journey more scenic. You can even stop to take a look round the villages if you wish.
  • Day 3 – During this part you will cycle to Compiegne. This route takes you past a number of World War 1 memorials and monuments, as it passes through the Region of the Somme. This is a distance of 74 miles.
  • Day 4 – Cycle to Paris, up the Champs-Élysées, round the Arc de Triomphe and finish overlooking the Eiffel Tower from Trocadero Gardens. To finish you will be awarded with Celebratory meal after traveling a total of 68 miles on this day.
  • Day 5 – Free morning in Paris, before catching the Eurostar to London where you are re-united with your bicycle.

So if this is something that interests you then it’s well worth the look. Who knows when you would get the opportunity to do something like this again? And for a bargain price of £99, plus being able to do something fun for charity, you should take the opertunity!

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