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Prevent Problems with Your Church Event: Common Mistakes To Avoid

Planning an event at your church with the help of an event management company can be an enriching experience. This is a building that you know and love, filled with people celebrating a happy event. Perhaps you are getting married and wish to have the reception in the church hall, or bringing your family together for the christening of a new child. There’s no better place to do it than a house of god.

Penang Rummy

Church halls make for fantastic venues, so you are off to a good start. Usually large and well-equipped, you will likely find the hire fees are less than at another venue. Furthermore, by celebrating a religious rite and the party after it in the same place, no one has to travel. It’s a simple, seemless experience- or it should be.

In the weeks leading up to an event, your mind will likely whisper all kinds of unpleasant lies to you. What if the ceiling falls in? It’s unlikely, but you can’t stop worrying about it. Your nerves aren’t going to calm themselves, but proper preparation can help.

Now, relax. It doesn’t have to be this way. Things will go wrong. Take the time to accept it, and then get working on how to avoid the most obvious problems you’re likely to encounter.


Being bored is the death of a good get together. While you may think that people will talk amongst themselves and make their entertainment, don’t expect it. Relying on your guests to sort themselves out is a bad idea. Hire wedding entertainment Sydney for a fun wedding.

Think of little ice breakers. One idea is sets of playing cards on tables; most people can play at least one card game so that will help them bond. Quizzes are good too. With a pious congregation, a Bible-themed quiz is going to bring a lot of fun, so give it a try. Anything that will give your more antisocial guests a way to interact is going to be appreciated. They are welcome to talk some things about the bible like is the rosary in the Bible? In addition, if you need a tool to teach that saves precious time and money, then you might want to utilize a Worship Presentation Software; you can check here to learn more on this.

If there’s going to be children in attendance, try and put yourself in their shoes. Not literally; that would look silly. Imagine how you’d have felt at their age and what might have distracted you. At the very least, a few cheap coloring books and pencils should help bring any potential tantrum back down to earth. And remember, if you’re planning on partying late into the night, childcare for the small hours is going to need to be considered.


When people aren’t comfortable, they grouch. When they grouch, they ruin a party. It’s your job to prevent it.

Think about those who aren’t able-bodied. Are they going to be able to get in okay? Are the chairs comfortable? And to that end, do you have enough of them? Unexpected guests can easily ruin your seating plans. A few spare church chairs will help prevent anyone having to stand.

Comfort isn’t just about what you sit on or if your shoes fit right- think about climate control. If you’re planning your ‘do in summer, then air conditioning is well worth considering. At the very least, allow an outdoor space with plenty of shade where people can take a breather and cool down. Churches are naturally cool buildings due to their size, but there’s nothing wrong with helping them along a little. Consider supplying small handheld fans; these should be cheap, and will make a big difference. Furthermore, if the event will be held in an outdoor location, you may want to get luxury portable restroom rentals for your guests.

If winter is your chosen season, then you’re in better luck- most church halls will have some form of heating. Drop a hint on the invitation to suggest people wrap up warm. Buy a few snow shovels and grit, in case of a snow shower that could render drives stuck in the car park. To really warm people up, a round of hot whiskey will do the world of good.

Not Getting On

When alcohol and lots of people are mixed, there’s a high chance you’re going to end up with disagreements. There’s not much you can do to prevent this; people are people, and they argue. What is key is to break it up before it becomes physical.

You can suggest people make every second drink a soft one. Do it on the invitation, and put a range of options on every table. If you sense things are getting tetchy, step in between and distract. Come up with a few key anecdotes – the funnier, the better – to be deployed if things are getting tense.

If one person, in particular, is causing trouble, then take them to one side and remind them the night is not about them. Explain this is a joyous celebration, and they are in a religious building, which should be respected. Hopefully, the guilt is going to be enough to bring them into line. If they continue, then you might – for the sake of everyone else – have to ask them to leave. While this may be rife with its issues, try and prioritise the majority that are managing to act like adults.

If you manage to sort the three key issues listed above, the rest should be plain sailing. Your guests will be able to handle the occasional mishap if they are comfortable, friendly and entertained. And as a gift, you might want to give a praying hands religious figurine to each member as a token of appreciation.

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