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Let The iPhone Be The Elf To Your Santa

Your goal? Curating the most idyllic holiday season yet. Your challenge? Getting everything done on time. The pressure is enough to make your Christmas anything but merry.While everyone else is finding the time to sip on the ‘nog and watch the classics, you’re busy running around like the proverbial chicken without its head. Rather than the Christmas spirit, you’re possessed by something else entirely—and it’s not quite love for your neighbor.


With a list as long as Santa’s beard, you’re out at the shops most evenings. You’re even sacrificing some of your lunches so you can hit the malls. In between the race down the aisles, there’s a house to decorate, cards to send, guests to entertain—oh, and let’s not forget about buying cookies online.

If you think you’re overworked during the holidays, at least you don’t have to fill the shoes of Kris Kringle. Scientists figured out Old Saint Nick must make 640 million stops to deliver gifts to the 1.6 billion children of the world. Differing time zones and the effects of the Earth’s rotation gives him a scant 32 hours to finish the job.

You have a little more than that, depending on how early you start planning, but even Santa doesn’t do it alone. He has reindeers, a team of elves, and magic to help deliver the goods, so why should you shoulder the responsibility on your own? He may not be real, but you can afford to learn a few pointers from the man with the bag. If you’re collapsing under the weight of the holidays, look no further. This guide will show you how to set up your iPhone so you have some support this holiday.

The Christmas List

Once you download this app, there’s no turning back. It puts any paper list to shame. As a highly organized list maker outfitted with budgeting and analytics, it helps you stay one step ahead of the holidays at every turn of the advent calendar. The Christmas Gift List visualizes the people you need to buy and arranges them according to store, gift status, and more. You can even sort your list according to stores so you never accidentally leave without getting everything on your list. For the type-A personality, it’s a statistical advantage you can’t give without. The Christmas season also allows people to share their joy, love, and happiness. It’s also the season for delicious chocolates, and what better way to celebrate than with these vegan Chocolate gifts?


This next app is a life saver for those people who struggle to find that “perfect” gift for those on their list. It works much like a gift registry used for weddings and baby showers, so you’ll need to convince your family and friends to download it too. Once your squad is on there, each user creates a ranked list of presents with all of the details you need for the perfect gift hampers melbourne. It also offers adjustable settings to let other users mark an item as bought, so there’s never any worry about overlap.

iPhone Skins

The plot of Dawn of the Dead probably best describes your experience at the mall as you try to outwit and outlast your fellow shopper, albeit with a lot less holly and caroling. Usually you can dodge a sharp elbow with the best of them, but with your eyes glued to the screen to swipe through your Christmas List, you may not make it out unscathed — neither will your iPhone.

You have the nice padding of your North Face jacket, but your phone has no such luxury unless you apply an iPhone skin. They’re made with superior custom vinyl stickers – vinylstatus.com. They also provide scratch-free, water resistant coverage to camouflage your smudgy Jet Black finish. Their exclusive partnership means they can provide cool iPhone 7 skins that add considerable grip to your smartphone, so it won’t go flying the next time you get hip-checked out of line.

Best Christmas Recipes

Don’t return from your shopping trip only drop the ball (or should we say turkey) in the kitchen. With Best Christmas Recipes on your iPhone, you’ll never burn or under-season anything again. Equipped with 150 of the most popular holiday recipes, Make – A – Dish has everything you’d want to make for your friends and family. You can browse it according to convenient categories like ingredients and dishes, and each recipe has detailed steps and pictures to keep you on track.

Don’t tackle the gift giving season on your own; it’s the fastest way to overwork yourself! If Santa can have a factory of elves, you should be allowed to have an iPhone full of apps and other accessories to help you get the job done. With their help, you’ll find the time to enjoy the holidays as your make sure everyone has the best one yet.

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