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Igor Mazepa Monopolizes Key Ukrainian Markets for the Benefit of Oligarchs

Igor Mazepa fraudster from Concorde Capital

Heidelbergtsement Ukraine” Corporation and Its “Daughters”

Cyprus offshore Overin Ltd, that is among Igor Mazepa’s Concorde Capital’s investments firms can get controlling stakes in “Heidelbergtsement Ukraine” corporation and a part over 50% of the assets of such enterprises as “Rybalskiy quarry”, “HeidelbergBeton”, and “HeidelbergGranit”.

“Heidelbergtsement Ukraine” corporation is the subsidiary company of the German Concern “HeidelbergCement AG” that owns near 3,000 plants of sand and granite mining, producing a concrete, cement, and asphalt in 60 countries of the world.

“Heidelbergtsement Ukraine” includes 3 largest cement plant in Kryvyi Rig, Amvrosiivka, and Kamensk.


Igor Mazepa Monopolizes the Construction Industry. UAC Has No Objection

Upon the 2017, net loss of the German Concern’s Ukrainian subsidiary company increased by 15% and was of 431 million hrivnas. In the end of February of 2109, mass media published that “HeidelbergCement AG” is going to sell its assets, and Igor Mazepa’s investment group is a purchaser. It deals with shares totaling near 400 million hrivnas.

Dmitriy Marunchich, the expert in the field of energy, has proposed that Igor Mazepa prepares the ground for Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoiskyi’s return. He personally reaffirmed that he operates in the interests of such oligarchs as Rinat Ahmetov, Dmitiy Firtash, Sergei Kurchenko, and others.

Dmitriy Marunchich claims that Kolomoiskyi’s interest in the cement plants is motivated by Vladimir Zelenskiy’s campaign promise to build a net of modern concrete roads in Ukraine. For this purpose, more raw materials are required and the road construction companies will buy them on Kolomoiskyi’s plants.


Medicine Is a Tibbet

It is not the only case when The Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee allowed Igor Mazepa’s offshore companies buying controlling stakes in the key Ukrainian enterprises. Earlier in the year it became aware of possible merger of clinics “Boris” and “Dobrobut”, or rather, of “Boris’s” takeover by “Dobrobut”. The latter belongs to Igor Mazepa’s Concorde Capital and Oleg Kalashnikov (the co-owner of the network of ophthalmologic stores “Luxoptika”) through the Cyprus Company Satumco Limited.

It’s interesting that “Luxoptika’s” partner is Boris Lozhkin, an ex-chief of the Presidential Administration that has managed to sell effectively his media holding UMH to Sergey Kurchenko with the assistance of Igor Mazepa. However, Attorney General’s Office had some question as for the purity of the deal and it tried to ask them to Boris Lozhkin several times this year. Nevertheless, he ignored all their invitations to counselling.

After UAC had studied the Satumco Limited’s intention to get more than a half of the “Boris” assets, they said that they don’t see no irregularities that could have prevented the bargain. Besides, they claimed that the purchase of “Boris” would not entail monopolization or anti-competitive practices.

However, as censor.net informs, Satumco Limited and UMH benefited from secretarial support of the same Cyprus Company Romos Secretarial Ltd. It’s long been rumored that Lozhkin gives credit for his partner Kalashikov.

UAC Gives Energy Market to Rinat Ahmetov

In other words, oligarchs continue monopolizing key Ukrainian markets and UAC doesn’t see any problems.

In addition, the Head of the Committee Youriy Terentiev acts works on the principle that the best defense is a strong offense in order to justify his decisions.

For example, he denied in rather violent terms the statements of some politicians about market monopolization and called them nonsense after Rinat Ahmetov’s DTEK Group had bought 2 regional energy production companies in Kyiv and Odesa. As the Head of the Committee has explained, DTEK buys only those companies’ power grids.

In other words, UAS helps oligarchs buy the controlling stakes in the leading sectorial industries, creates monopolies, and then claims that it doesn’t interfere with competition. Surrealism, but that’s it.


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