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How To Produce A Movie On A Budget

2015 and 2016 has and will see the release of some highly anticipated movies. Only in October the new James Bond film, Spectre, was released to huge audiences and critical acclaim. And, in 2016, DC Comics are striking back at Marvel with a host of releases, including the titanic tussle between Batman and Superman. All these releases have the people at Daily Released pretty excited, so much so that we are considering making a movie of our own. That’s right, we are venturing into the film industry and nothing can stop us. Well, nothing apart from our budget. Thankfully, after some extensive research, we found a few ways to keep the costs down

Arri Alexa camera

Produce A Realistic Script

Some of our readers will have big ideas. No one wants to put the dampeners on your dreams, but big ideas need big budgets. Any script that involves 3D or long car chases or destroying buildings is not going to be cheap. It is important to produce a script that is relatively easy to turn into a reality with the budget at the filmmaker’s disposal. Also, don’t forget about the location because exotic destinations don’t come cheap, either.

Rent Equipment

Because we are big shots, the thought of the Daily Released renting equipment did not go down well with the rest of the office. In fact, some people wanted blood! However, after the big wigs in charge explained that filmmaking equipment costs thousands of dollars, the mob died down. Now we know there is nothing wrong with renting equipment. Rented cameras and boom microphones are just as good as the ones that are available for purchase.

Hire A Small Crew

The idea of a huge film set with hundreds of people pressing buttons is not realistic apparently. No, we have to be more realistic and hire a smaller crew. As it turns out, labor is one of the biggest expenditures for a movie, so it needs to be at a minimum. The more people that are running around pretending to be in charge, the more money it costs. Unless there is a Russian billionaire, oligarch, sugar daddy willing to throw money down the drain, big crews are out of the question


It turns out that the film industry is a lot like any other industry. Who knew? Yes, just like a business on the stock market would outsource their tasks, films should outsource too. Apparently, hiring professionals like Gilded Cinema for post-production requirements is a lot simpler. In fact, they will even take care of the production side of the film, which leaves us with nothing to do. Still, as long as we get paid!

Don’t Lift Source Material

The creative types who see this as their opportunity to hit ‘the big time’ are bursting with ideas. The only problem is these ideas involve music and source materials that are subject to copyright laws. No one wants angry musicians and directors banging on their door asking for a check, so don’t give them the satisfaction.

And that’s how we would produce a movie on a budget. Just you wait – 2016 is going to be the year of Daily Released!

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