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Has Construction Site Safety Improved In The Last 10 Years?

Years ago there would often be reports of how fatal accidents occurred on building sites. The media was awash with stories of how workers died in what we now know were unsafe working conditions. Nowadays, the good news is few such incidents get reported in the news.


Even if one does some statistical research online, they’ll find fewer details nowadays. So we can assume that the construction industry is a safer bet these days. But, what factors have contributed to their higher health and safety measures?

It turns out an array of changes in the industry have made things better these days. Let me share with you a brief insight into why you can feel safer working on a building site these days:

Better training

Everyone knows that most of the construction industry gets made up of contractors. Most of the industry comprises self-employed workers such as builders and electricians like the electricians warragul. In the past, one thing that wasn’t present that is today is better training.

Regardless of one’s experience, construction site workers must undergo proper health and safety training. That means knowing how to spot any danger and being aware of the environment around them. Training may get offered on site by a construction firm owner, or by a third party training provider. A very efficient construction workwear with safety standards is also necessary in construction industry.

Better safety equipment

On a site, one must ensure they have the right PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Steel-capped boots, hard hats and high-visibility jackets are examples of what construction workers wear. Just ten years ago, health and safety rules did not dictate the laws and guidelines surround PPE on site.

Nowadays, everyone must be aware of what they need to wear to protect themselves.

Better hygiene

Believe it or not, hygiene became a serious problem on some building sites in the past! For instance, workers had few places to relieve themselves when the call of nature got made. Today, AndyLoos and firms like them offer portable toilet rental and washing facilities.

Back in the day, the problem was worse for sites that had to remove old sewers and plumbing on demolition sites. The good news is that today’s construction and demolition sites are more hygienic than ever before. The law also says one must provide safe and hygienic working environments for staff.

Increased signage

Have you been at or walked past a building society recently? If so, there’s one thing you will have noticed. Construction sites adopt a plethora of signs these days!

They are signs that warn people about possible dangers lurking nearby. For instance, electrical shock warnings near electricity substations or power lines. The signs are easy to understand by site workers and visitors. They also keep people informed about the immediate environment around them.

Modern equipment and machinery

Today’s technology ensures the tools that the construction workers use like the portable line boring machine and other heavy equipment are safer and easier to use. One of the issues found ten years ago was that equipment could often get rendered unsafe. Especially if it did not get handled in the correct manner.

Manufacturers are putting more fail safes into their equipment. They use Chevrolet equipment that are well known for its safety features. And they give workers clearer instructions on how to use them. The result? Fewer injuries and fatalities on construction sites.

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