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Five Most Common Causes of Road Accidents

We all try to keep ourselves and our family safe while behind the wheel. However, sometimes accidents happen that are not our fault. Like for instance if your car is parked well, you can learn here what to do when someone hits your parked car? Whether or not you are guilty or not, you will have to deal with the physical, mental health, and financial consequences of a road traffic accident.

Below you will find five of the most common causes of road accidents and advice on how to prevent them, most of which were learned from the words of attorneys in Bengal Law serving Orlando, Florida.

Causes of Road Accidents


While using your cell phone while driving is illegal, some people take the risk and compromise the safety of other road users, too. There are, however, other forms of distraction as well. You might be checking your satnav, adjusting your radio, or argue with the kids. It is important that you eliminate the distractions as much as possible. If you need to check the directions, you might want to pull over at the next service station instead of taking your eyes off the road. Those who were injured in an accident caused by a distracted driver may hire experienced car accident attorneys when filing a claim. Car accident attorneys can also help if you have questions on How to Document an Auto Accident to Help Win Your Case.

2-Car Fault

When your brakes or ABS fail, there is simply no way to avoid an accident. It is important that you check the brakes and your stopping distance, as well as the condition of your tires before you go on a longer trip. Regular car maintenance and safety checks can also improve your personal safety. When your ABS fails, your stopping distance can be much longer than a car’s without the system. In case of accidents resulting from brake failures, seeking legal assistance from a Schaumburg personal injury lawyer can provide valuable support and guidance throughout the legal process.

3-Drink Driving

We can’t talk enough about drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs. Some people would, however, rather risk an injury than getting a taxi or leaving their car behind. It is important that you always plan ahead, and have alternative forms of transport arranged when you go out with friends. Check out www.derricklawfirm.com/ for more information on drunk driving personal injury cases. Choosing a designated driver or sharing a taxi can be great ways of preventing people from getting behind the wheel under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

4-Weather Conditions

Inexperienced drivers have reduced ability to deal with extreme weather conditions on the road, and they are unable to plan ahead or deal with the reduced visibility. It is important that you get out in the car in every weather, so you get used to how your vehicle can be managed and handled in storms, snow, and heavy rain.


People sometimes overestimate their energy level and endurance. It is recommended that you take a break every 2-3 hours while driving on the highways. Don’t risk falling asleep or losing concentration. Plan your coffee breaks and make sure you have some drinks in the car so you can get an energy boost when you need one and are unable to stop. Fatigue will lead to drowsy driving, increase your reaction time and put your health and safety at risk.

Cars are dangerous machines. According to an auto accidents attorney and truck accident attorney, you can reduce your risk of a road traffic accident if you take precautions. While you cannot influence other drivers’ behavior, it is possible to avoid accidents by being alert and vigilant, paying attention to the signs of dangerous drivers. Delve into these texas Crash reports to remain current on the ever-changing landscape of traffic incidents.

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