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Falsely Accused Of A Crime? Here’s How People Can Solve This Problem

Up and down the years, various studies have shown that no less than 4.1 percent of death sentences are wrongfully handed out. It’s a staggering figure, and this doesn’t even factor in some of the more lenient sentences. It’s a disturbing reality, but a reality nonetheless. People do get killed for crimes they didn’t commit.


So, what can these people do? It’s a very tough situation to be in, and is even tougher to get out of. You need to start gathering your defense right away, no matter what capacity it comes in. Find evidence that supports your case, and find a good attorney. It’s hard to disprove a false accusation, but it certainly is possible.

Find an alibi

Sometimes easier said than done, but sometimes all it takes is a simple piece of CCTV footage or eyewitness statement. Alibi evidence is tricky to come by and even trickier to navigate, so make sure your story is watertight. However, if you can prove without a doubt that you were somewhere else when the crime was committed, you could be let off. At the very least, you can make bail safely with the help of professional bail bonds agents or bail bonds companies that can provide licensed bail bonds. Just be sure you have enough money to help yourself out.

Boost your defense

You may find yourself in court, even for something you didn’t do. If that day comes, you sure as hell better have a solid defense behind your back. A defense attorney provider, such as Wallin & Klarich, specialises in the cases of the falsely accused. If your legal defense is inadequate, it can lead to you being convicted. So be sure to invest in a representative that can fully fight for justice on your part.

Utilise the lineup

Many eyewitnesses falsely accuse people of a crime, and this could be you. If you know you’ve been wrongly identified, consider requesting changes to your lineup. For example, ask for it to be ran blindly. This is where the officer who’s conducting the lineup does not know who the criminal actually is. This stops them from making suggestive statements to the witness.

Additionally, you can request that your lineup be video recorded. Having solid proof that the lineup was ran professionally and smoothly can help you no end. This can also prevent people from committing misconduct, if they know they’re on tape. Having solid video footage of your lineup can act as a piece of evidence if you felt the lineup went wrong in some way. All in all, lineups are not perfect, but it is possible to use them to your advantage.

In conclusion

Many would argue that the justice system is flawed, and only favours a certain type of person or demographic. I’d argue otherwise. You can find patterns in anything if you look hard enough, and crime is no different. A certain kind of person may be convicted more than others, but that isn’t indicative or prejudice. It’s indicative of a hard-fought legal battle. If you’re falsely accused, that’s exactly what you’ll be up against. So remain strong, steadfast and keep a clear head. It’s going to be a long road.

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