Published On: Sat, Jun 9th, 2018

Doing a House Clearance? Here’s How To Make Money

It could be having a clear out and getting rid of all the clutter. You could be looking to streamline before moving house or it could be the difficult and emotional process of clearing out the property for a relative that has passed away. Whatever the circumstances, a house clearance can be a challenging process and is more expensive than you may expect. But with a bit of planning, there are ways you can save and even make a little money.

Doing a House Clearance

Shop Around for Quotes

Make sure that you approach a few trusted local suppliers for quotes. Finding a reliable clearance company will minimise the stress, as they will have lots of experience and the process of taking away the unwanted items and rubbish will be far less stressful. Find a company that is used to clearances, like and the process instantly becomes smoother and less expensive,  under what can often be difficult circumstances.

Sell Anything With Value

To offset the costs involved with the house clearance, aim to sell items with value. This will reduce the volume of stuff you need to scrap as well. Separate things to sell into two categories – more valuable items such as antiques, artworks, jewellery, which should be sold via a reputable auction house to maximise returns, and then general items that don’t hold significant value but are still in good condition and can be sold via platforms such as eBay and Gumtree. Take a look at the sold prices of similar items to get a good idea of what price you might achieve.

Dealing With Hazardous Waste

Your house clearance may involve having to deal with hazardous or chemical substances, such as paint and solvents or appliances that are filled with them such as freezers. These things can be extra expensive to dispose of, as they have to be done by a specialist company. Check with your local household recycling centre, as they may take some of these items in smaller quantities. Some local authorities also offer a hazardous disposal service and although this may incur a small charge, it will generally be cheaper than a private company. You could also freecycle items that are working – sign up to a local Facebook group and offer them out to anyone willing to collect. This will save on disposal costs, plus help out someone in need. Similarly, charity shops and furniture donation networks usually offer a free collections service for usable items. Some may not take electrical items due to safety regulations and availability of storage space, so check first. You can also choose to donate good quality clothes, records and books, ornaments and crockery. If there is a lot of stuff to dispose of, donating a part of it means you’ll save time and charges on the clearance of the rest.

With a little advance planning, you can minimise the costs attached and get your clearance taken care of with minimal fuss.