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Car Accidents: The Statistics

When you’re driving at high speeds every day, the risk of you having an accident increases. Sometimes, we need a reminder to take it carefully out there. Cars are getting safer and we’re learning more about safety on the roads, but it’s easy to lose concentration. Let’s take a look at some statistics and some ways in which we can stay safe.

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I’m going to begin by looking at some statistics from the UK. In the latest report (from September 2015), there are some crucial numbers to focus on. Firstly, the disappointment came in the number road deaths. There were 1780 deaths as a result of a road accident between September 2014 – September 2015 in the UK. This was a 3% increase on the year prior. It’s disturbing to see this number rise considering how much safer we’re trying to make the roads year-on-year.

However, there’s good news as well. There was a 3% decrease in the number of killed or seriously injured casualties. While that’s definitely an improvement, it’s scary to see that over 23,000 people were involved in this. Another concerning statistic was the number of road casualties in general. This takes accidents of all severities into account, with 188,830 people suffering. Again, this was actually a decrease of 3% from the previous year.

I don’t know what you’ll take away from that information, but I’m a little concerned by it. Places like the US suffer from a much greater number of accidents (due to the increased population) but that’s still a hefty number. We have to ask ourselves why this is happening. Is it because of the increase in road traffic? That’s certainly a possibility, with motor traffic levels rising by 2.2% over the previous year. However, how many of these accidents were preventable? Are we still driving too dangerously?

The fact is, a lot of people don’t maintain their cars all that well, is also well known that people do not have an attorney on speed dial, if you are one of these people then have a look at this site for the best attorney. A lot of people continue to drive on the roads with illegal tyre tread depths. Some don’t even know how to measure them. Others will drive when drunk, or when they’re simply too tired to be on the road. It’s important to take this seriously; our lives could be on the line.

If you’re concerned about safety, there are a few things you can do. Obviously, drive sensibly. Wear your seatbelt and don’t play with your phone. Respect the speed limits and be aware of everyone around you. Sometimes, we’re forced into dangerous situations because of our car. Problems like a flat tyre can cause havoc if we’re going at fast speeds down the motorway. You can actually get around this by purchasing run-flat tyres that will allow you to drive on a puncture for a certain distance. If the engine fails or the clutch goes, you’re in trouble, though. In this case, put your hazard lights on, don’t panic, and stop in a safe place.

Stay safe, maintain your car, and be aware of the dangers. That’s all you need to ensure your safety on the roads. But if you unfortunately got involved in an auto accident, make sure to contact an auto accident attorney for expert legal help. A professional auto accident attorney can help you get the compensation you rightfully deserve for the injuries you’ve sustained. Contact your auto accident attorney for legal assistance.

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