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Can You Get Through Life Without An Insurance Policy?

It was recently reported by the Insurance Information Institute that net insurance premiums written totaled 1.1 trillion dollars. This may seem like a phenomenal sum to you. Of course, most Americans have several insurance policies. You can begin to understand why that figure is so large. But is it possible to get through life without paying for an insurance policy?


Most of us go to work every day. We need the salary to pay for our accommodation, food, and a pension fund. What would happen if you had an accident or illness that meant you couldn’t work? There are insurance policies that cover many of your outgoings should you be unable to work for a period of time. Some mortgage lenders demand that you have such a home insurance policy. Severe weather can damage our homes and we may need to work with a public adjuster to get a fair estimate when we file our insurance claim. Without home insurance cover, you may be facing a huge bill to make your home habitable again.

If you drive a car, chances are you have an insurance policy. This policy may cover your legal expenses if you are involved in an accident. It may pay out a sum for any injuries you incur. Some policies even provide you with a rental car if your car needs repairs in the garage. In many places, it is a legal requirement to have an insurance policy if you drive a car.

As a business owner, you’re likely to need insurance to protect you and your staff. Perhaps you have a policy for your home or your possessions. If you’re about to take a vacation, you may even have an insurance policy for your travel. There are dozens of reasons why you might have an insurance policy in your name. It has become almost impossible to get through life without some cover.

According to sites like beachinjurylawyers.com/car-accidents, Accidents happen. Sometimes you can be injured or seriously hurt. If someone else was to blame and they don’t have insurance, there may be little chance for your medical costs to be covered.

Many people use personal injury lawyers when they are involved in an accident. It may have been an accident at work, out on the street, or even in your car. If you’re hurt by someone, you want your costs covered and compensation for your losses.

A personal injury lawyer like Vegas workers comp lawyer will take care of everything for you. This includes any communications with insurance companies and any representative for the other side. However, if you need an experienced trial attorney to prosecute specific serious injury cases, then a reputable law firm like Chicago’s Tom Plouff Law firm is the right one for you!

So if there are lawyers that can help, do you really need to have insurance policies? The short answer is yes. Insurance policies cover you and the third party. But they often also cover your legal fees. If you have to pay for legal representation, you should check with your insurance firm if and when they can cover those expenses for you.

Insurance may be one of those things you want to avoid in life. But in reality, it may prove beneficial if something should happen to you or your property. Check you’re fully covered today. If you need to claim on someone else’s insurance, ask your lawyer for advice.

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