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7 Reasons The Managed Services Industry Is Thriving

Donald Trump has had some ‘interesting’ things to say about almost everything in recent weeks. His comments on certain immigration issues that have captured the headlines, of course. And, his idea of getting Bill Gates to turn off the Internet was roundly laughed out of town.


It’s a good job, too. Because, if you take away the Internet, you are going to cause a lot of damage to a lot of people. Not just to companies that use the web to sell products, or market their businesses. It’s also the enormous amount of SMEs that offer web -based managed services that exist – purely because of the Internet.

The last ten years or so have seen an explosion of companies of all shapes and sizes – some a roaring success; others not. And, there are some good reasons why. We’re going to take a look at some of those today.


When you think about hiring an employee, there are a lot of costs to factor in. Their salary is the primary issue. It’s hard to justify a year’s worth of money for someone who only works on a couple of campaigns a year. There are benefits to think about too – matched taxes and insurance, healthcare payments and so on. It all adds up to a large bill at the end of the tax year, and businesses can often save these costs by outsourcing to third parties.


Ask yourself: what are the core functions you perform as a business owner? By far and away, most would say that is performing tasks that generate revenue. So, it’s important for business owners to concentrate on that side of things, and give up the rest. And that’s where Managed IT services come into their own. They can free up the important time that business owners need to make more money – and provide more value doing tasks that get in the way of profits.


Why pay permanently for something that you don’t use all the time? It makes sound financial sense only to pay for what you use – which is where managed services come in handy for all businesses. Think about marketing campaigns, as an example. You have two choices – you can either hire a full-time team and train them up to your needs. Or, lean on the experience and skills of a cheap Internet marketing services company. If you want quicker and more efficient results, the latter is by far the better choice.

The need for new skills

The web has grown; there are now a lot of different skill sets that you need to use to make the most of it. There is no way that business leaders can take the time out to learn about everything. So, it makes sense to farm out that work to someone with speciality knowledge.

The rise of the cloud

The cloud is the latest development in web technology that has had an enormous impact. There will be plenty more to come, of course. But, the cloud has made it easier than ever for third parties to share – safely – valuable information and work, from any location. If you’re planning to use cloud services for your business, you may first need a Cloud Readiness Assessment. Technologies has all the answers, have the right IT you need like the managed IT services in Charlotte to simplify your transition to the cloud.

The democratization of business

Another vital factor is that using managed services can help smaller businesses access the same pool of talent that large firms have. In days gone by, the top talent would always stick with the biggest companies, through thick and thin. But there are changes occurring – and fast. Now, a lot of the talent can see their peers starting to set up on their own, and making a success of it. Despite the fears of starting their own business, more people than ever are trying it out. And, there is probably more talent in the managed services field than anywhere else.


With so much else to think about, how can it be possible for small business owners to understand the many rules and regulations that they need to? And, let’s face it – there are plenty of those to chew on in every industry. Whether it’s tax, HR issues, or even legal problems, there’s no way they can. And that’s why managed services in accounting, law, and human resources are also burgeoning right now. Not only does it provide the kind of protection that larger firms have, but it also saves companies a lot of money through fines and court judgements.

So, there you have it. Do you have experience of outsourcing to third party managed services? If so, how do you find them? We’re keen to hear from you, so feel free to get in touch.

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