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5 Surprising Facts About Motorcycle Accidents In The US

There are over 8.5 million motorcyclists in the United States. Over the past decade, we have seen a consistent increase in the number of motorcycles on the road. However, with more motorists on the road, there are greater risks and accidents occurring too. For those of you who are riders, you may want to take a look at the numbers. Even if you have family or friends who ride, these statistics and facts could be worth sharing. Some of the recent statistics on motorcycle accidents will make you think twice about your approach to motorcycles.

In this post, we’ll share many of the most surprising motorcycle accident facts that you should know before riding.

Motorcycle Accidents In The US

Older Riders Still At Risk Of Death

Surprisingly enough, experienced riders are not perfect either. Even with years of experience, government studies have shown that the 40-and-older age group still made up a large percentage of deaths from motorcycle accidents. Although these riders receive a discount on their insurance for having a clean record, the statistics in recent years show that they are still thousands of 40 years and older motorists who are killed each year due to road accidents. Therefore, make sure your experience doesn’t get in the way of careful riding.

Motorcycle Crashes Cause Major Losses

Most people think about the physical losses associated with motorcycle crashes and construction failures when the overall economic impact is very high as well. In fact, the government accounting office found that these types of accidents cost more than $15 billion to the overall economy. These costs include emergency services, medical bills, lost wages, motorcycle accident lawyer services and insurance claims. Knowing that your riding activity can impact the lives of so many people, you should take as many steps to avoid these costs by being as safe as possible on the road.

Motorcyclists Don’t Have To Wear Helmets

With the number of motorcycle accidents that occur each year, you might think that helmets are required in every state. However, less than 20 states have a law requiring the use of helmets. If worn, helmets have proven to be 37% more effective in preventing motorcycle deaths. And, they can also help prevent brain injuries as well. While this might seem like a “no-brainer” to wear a helmet, many states have yet to make this mandate. When riding, everyone should wear a helmet to protect themselves from a motorcycle accident.

Most Motorcycle Accidents Involve Another Vehicle

It’s especially important to wear a helmet in the event of an accident with another vehicle. In fact, nearly 75% of motorcycle accidents involve 2 or more vehicles. That means, the odds of getting into an accident with a passenger car, SUV, van or truck are much higher. There is higher risk that you could get hurt. And, that your bike will need some aftermarket motorcycle parts. You should protect yourself at all times and exercise caution on the road. This way, it an accident does occur, you can minimize the damage to yourself, the vehicles and other people involved.

Don’t Be Quick To Blame Fellow Motorcyclists

Many people make the incorrect assumption that the motorcyclist was at fault in an accident. According to top Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys, “studies show that most motorcycle injuries are caused by careless automobile drivers who violate rules of the road.” These accidents happen due to many reasons like speeding, distractions, reckless driving, texting and drugs or alcohol. As you can imagine, you have to have a defensive mindset when on the road. Sometimes, you can be a safe rider. However, you will still have watch out for unsafe drivers. If you get injured an in accident because of a reckless driver, protect your interests by hiring a motorcycle attorney or motorcycle accident lawyer. In cases of death of a loved one due to a motorcycle accident, you may consider consulting a wrongful death lawyer near me

You can visit https://halelaw.com/what-are-the-differences-between-physical-and-mental-distractions-when-driving/ to hire one.

What will stop or prevent the occurrence of accidents is the more rigorous and advanced motorcycle training. These various training can make riders vigilant and develop the presence of mind while on the road. It will also promote safe and defensive riding habits, proactiveness, and visual alertness. A quality motorcycle training can give the riders understanding and observance of road and traffic rules, as well as a healthy road disposition. Many people have their own ideas about the statistics of motorcycle accidents in the US. You might have been surprised to learn about these various facts. Older riders are experienced, but they still carry a fair amount of risk when involved in an accident. The overall economic costs of crashes are a significant number to the community. Moreover, many states do not have legislation to mandate helmets for motorcycle riders. Most accidents actually involve another vehicle like passenger cars. Many times, accidents are caused by other drivers too. Taking these facts into account, you should carefully ride motorcycles and try to avoid any dangerous situations. By doing everything you can to ride safely, you can minimize your chances of becoming another statistics of motorcycle accidents.

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