Published On: Tue, Sep 9th, 2014

Why We Should Employ Older Workers In Business Today

Thanks to the advances in modern medicines and a dated welfare system, it is becoming vital that we provide an opportunity for older workers to remain in employment. We should start to look upon the retirement age as a guideline and not the rule. Those not fit enough, or who don’t want to work should be allowed to take it easy for the rest of their lives, but we should encourage those who want to stay in the workplace.

Economy is Doing WellThere are several compelling reasons why working beyond the age of retirement is beneficial. There are commercial, moral, and health reasons to consider. Let’s investigate why we should employ older people in business today.

The Scrapheap

There is no such thing as a scrapheap when thinking about what duties people can perform. As people age, they might not be able to work in their old job, but with a positive mental attitude most people can do something new. Thinking that people past retirement are useless to a business is a mistake we cannot afford to make.

The Economy

Because people are living for longer, the economy is under strain. The proportion between the number of people working and those drawing pensions has shrunk, and funds are running low. If fit people continue to work in their old age, they will pay tax and contribute which can only be good for the economy. It is much better than staying at home and drawing extra benefits on top of the pension, not that there is anything wrong with that. Click here for more information about the effect working beyond retirement could have on the UK gross domestic product. The figures are encouraging.


Most people accept that retiring can have an adverse effect on the mental and physical health of a person, particularly if they are poor. The change of lifestyle does not suit many who are accustomed to starting the day early and working hard through it. Maybe they feel as if they have no role to play in society anymore, and that affects their mental wellbeing. Studies show that remaining in employment can have a positive effect on the health of old people. They feel value, have a reason to get up in the morning, and look forward to the day ahead.


Let us not forget that those wrinkles are there through years of experience in life and the workplace. Older people often have wisdom and knowledge that we lose when they retire. Young staff might think they know everything, but it isn’t all about facts and figures in business. The older generation made mistakes and overcame them years ago. They can help younger people not to make those same mistakes. They can act as mentors and often view situations in a calm manner while others lose their heads.

If you need to fill a position in  your company, do not discount an applicant because they are past the age of retirement. Think about their experience, work ethic, and affect they will have on the people around them. Things are changing in the business world, and old age employment is the big issue of the day. Do you have the foresight to act now?