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Why Online Estate Agencies have emerged in the Modern Market

After months of gradual decline, the annual rate of increase in UK real estate prices fell to its lowest level in nearly a year. This continued a trend that commenced at the beginning of the third financial quarter, with Nationwide reporting that house prices rose just 8.5% in the year to November in 2014. This represented the smallest increase since December of last year, while it also came in well below June’s ten year peak of 11.8%. So although the real estate market in Britain is far from being moribund, there are concerns that recent growth may have begun to diminish considerably.

Online Estate Agencies3 Reasons why Online Estate Agents Continue to Dominate the Market

While the market may be in decline, however, online real estate agents continue to prosper. There are multiple reasons for this, as they offer considerable advantages to both buyers and sellers nationwide. These include: –

  1. Reduced and Simplified Commission Fees

One of the primary benefits offered by real estate agents is their reduced fees and commission costs. Not only are these rates lower than those provided by traditional agents, but they also tend to be fixed and far easier to understand. This is extremely beneficial, especially when you consider the additional costs associated with selling or buying property in the contemporary market. By partnering with an online agent such as the House Network, you can therefore reduce costs without compromising on the quality of service available.

  1. Market your Property to a Wider, Online Audience

In terms of selling, online real estate agents also offer advantages as they enable vendors to market their home to a wider audience. This can include individuals who currently live outside of the local area, but who intend to move and relocate in a bid to locate their ideal properties like two bedroom townhomes. Online, video marketing also enables home-owners to organise virtual and real-time viewings within a single space or location, and this can make it easier and more convenient to sell a property or even receive cash offer for homes.

  1. Obtain a Competitive Valuation

When it comes to securing a valuation, it is in your interests to get the most competitive price possible. This may be easier through an online agent, as while they continue to evolve and claim a greater share of the market they are still looking to expand further and are therefore more likely to offer a competitive valuation to secure your business. This is an important point to bear in mind, especially if you want to maximise the value in your property.

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