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Why More Small Businesses Are Adopting Real Time Billing

Real-time billing can seem something of a difficult path to take for the average small business owner. Yet, an increasing number of start-ups and SME’s are adopting real-time billing software. This is so that they can provide their customers with a more robust way of paying for their services.


real time billing

By in large, real-time billing is a mobile way to authorise and gather account information about your clients. This is to make sure that they are within their limit of prepaid services. For those that are seeking real-time billing, you can do so as long as your customer is pre-paying for their services. If you have a small telecommunications company, you can utilise real-time billing software. This will make sure that your customers can benefit from their calling cards.

For any company that utilises a prepaid service, real-time billing software is essential for your business needs.

A prepaid billing system will allow your customers to make sure that they have their information gathered, and collected, in a robust way. They will be able to maximise their services as sought from you.

What is more, you can make sure that your customers are staying within their prepaid limits by cutting them off once they have used their maximum usage on their prepaid card. This means that you can control your company finances in a more robust way. You, as a business owner, have ultimate control of your customer’s usage.

The real-time billing systems allow companies a greater sense of financial achievement when detailing their customer’s data and usage allowances.

While this kind of billing system has been utilised by mobile phone and telecommunications companies for years, an increasing number of other industries are using these services so that they can have greater financial control.

Real-time billing is also known as convergent charging. This means that  a whole host of services can be billed in a prepaid format. Companies will charge for bundles of minutes, data and usage. This means that the customer only seeks out the services that they need for that specific moment in time. Of course, should they need more usage, they can contact the business and acquire them.

One of the many excellent benefits of this kind of system is that it allows companies to control their services in a much greater way. This means that companies are not chasing debts and do not have to take out heavy-handed tactics to retrieve their money.

Real-time billing solutions allow the customer, or subscriber, to check their balance. Should the customer be running low on credits, they are able to see that in real time solutions meaning. This means that they are never in arrears with your company. Real-time charging is something that your customer will love as they will be aware straight away of any depleted funds. Once they have all the information that they need, they are then able to update their balances and increase their usage. This is not only fantastic for businesses for the control element, but customers will have a greater sense of trust with your company. It is easy to see why businesses are using pre-paid services.


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