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Why Is White Collar Crime So Common In Modern Businesses?

Today, we’re talking about a huge problem in the modern business world; white collar crime. Anyone that tries to deny it’s an issue is probably committing it. Businesses up and down the country are partaking in criminal activities. It’s become so common, and here’s why:


It’s Easy To Get Away With

The reason many people commit white collar crimes is that they’re easy to get away with. Typically, these crimes happen internally. It’s the top dogs that sit at the head of the company that are committing them. So, they don’t have anyone looking over them and keeping a close eye on their behaviour. As long as they cover their tracks, they’ll get away scot free. Plus, there are so many loopholes when it comes to white collar crime. This is why you see so many big companies getting away with tax fraud. Just look at this article on how companies are getting away with it http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2016/04/corporate-tax-avoidance/478293/. You can see that they’ve basically found a loophole that allows them to commit a white collar crime without it being prosecuted. Companies can get away with it, so they keep on doing it, and it becomes more and more common.

It Takes Different Forms

White collar crime is so common because it can take on different forms. There isn’t one specific crime that gets classed as white collar; it’s a variety of things. A quick look on http://www.duffylawct.com/federal-crimes/federal-white-collar-crime-defense/ will show you more. You can see that people can commit a variety of white collar crimes, from tax offences to mail fraud. With all this variety, it’s easy for people to fall into the trap and take part in criminal activities. The broad spectrum also means that more crimes like this are going to get reported. If white collar crime were a term used to describe one particular action, like tax evasion, then it wouldn’t be so common.

It’s A Competitive World

The simplest reason behind the rise of white collar crime is that businesses are competitive. Everyone will try their best to get ahead of their rivals. By reading the article here, www.dailyreleased.com, a company can find ways to get ahead of others. But, sometimes, they’d rather resort to some dirty work. You fiddle with your books to make it look like you’re making more money than you are. Thus, you scare the competition into thinking you’re a big deal. Similarly, so many big companies will try dirty tactics to get ahead of the game. They may try and hack other companies personal computer network to gain information. I know, this sounds very farfetched, like it’s a plot from a movie or something! However, there’s no denying that this happens each and every day. Why else do companies spend so much money on data protection and security?

The fact is, white collar crime is rife in the business world. Some of the biggest businesses in the country are committing crimes every day. It’s a huge problem, and the ones that end up suffering are the little guys.

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