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Why Is It Easier Than Ever To Be A Successful Entrepreneur?

Do you agree with the sentence above? You should because it isn’t debatable – it’s a fact. Today, there are more businesses than ever before. And, the vast majority of them are successful. That doesn’t mean that they are worth billions of dollars, but it does mean they are still around. In the past, more than ninety percent of startups failed. Now, that number is below eighty. It doesn’t sound like a much, but that is a significant decrease. So, why is this happening? Why is it easier to be an entrepreneur today than ever before?


It’s Easier To Start

Before the dawn of the Internet, you needed a certain format to start a new business. The two most crucial elements were business premises and a big budget. And, they are the two hardest elements to obtain. Nowadays, you don’t need either to for your startup. Thanks to the Internet, you can run a business from your living room without spending a penny. From the beginning, entrepreneurs have a much better chance of succeeding because they don’t need as much to succeed.

It Costs Less

There is better technology available to entrepreneurs, and that is to their benefit. Technology does a lot of things, but the main one is lowering the cost. They already don’t have to stump up the costs for offices, and now they don’t have to pay for staff. A clever businessperson will find a piece of tech that can do the job of two or three men, and pay a lot less for the privilege. For a business owner, this is music to their ears. Most businesses have to cut costs to stay afloat, but that isn’t the case for these businesses. They are already running at an efficient rate.

It’s Easier To Raise Money

You still need a fair bit of money to take your business from the ground to the stars because nothing comes for free. But, even money is easier to come by in 2016 than is used to be in the past. With the help of companies like Kickstarter, you can ask the public to donate the money you need. And, because there are over a billion people on the planet, you only need to ask for a small amount. That directly affects the amount of people that donate because they don’t have to donate as much.

They Can Sell Up And Move On

All of the above makes a business more successful, which makes it more valuable. An entrepreneur, therefore, will usually have someone that is interested in a sale. If it gets to the point where they need an influx of cash, they can sell up and move to their next venture. After all, it isn’t hard to start over again. With the help of Viking Mergers & Acquisitions, they can find a broker in no time as the demand is higher today. A good entrepreneur knows when to call it a day. As they say in Vegas, the house always wins.

Easier To Manage

However, it doesn’t tend to get to that point because businesses are easier to manage. Businesses are much simpler today, and that make life so much better. There is no need for an entrepreneur to get bogged down in complex business processes – they can just outsource it to a pro.

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