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What does a music promotion company do?

The guys at www.quitegreat.co.uk promote music in the UK from all across the world , music promotion companies, music pr, music pluggers are all aspect terms for what we and others do. Outside of the structural online, radio, tv and print promotion we do the fundamental aspect of what a music PR company does is to be very clear as to how things work and what is achievable. Over many years for example we have built a network of our own media sites guaranteeing coverage and then allowing us to grow to further media stages. We as other promotions team should do is highlight  a  simple guide to how the promo company help artists both in the UK and across the world  in the early stages of their careers to gain traction on a budget they can afford. For many years www.quitegreat.co.uk have helped bands grow as well as working with major labels such as Sony, Warners, Universal etc on a wide range of artists encompassing all musical styles from metal to folk and urban to pop, this means that we have a diverse range of contacts covering all media areas, something that promo companies need in this ever changing environment and with our development patterns you get a series of individual team members working alongside you. Please look at our websites for full information on our history.

music promotion company

The structure of the campaign is aimed at artists and bands that are building their brand and need experts to spark the interest of the media. We allow the artist to develop with a series of releases when required or a one off to test the water if that is what you feel fits, in line with a budget that works for you and allows you to look to the future budgeting within either agreed release periods or month by month.

We call this a DIY label approach; in essence you are signing us for an agreed release term instead of us signing you, with no equity involvement unless this is something we agree upon after a first stage release. With this campaign, you are the boss and you are involved in the  decision making process, you help guide the team. You may also help look for a songwriter or a Motown Record Producer for your artists.

Hence as stated, you are the label Head and artist. 10 week campaigns should be able to deliver a rounded introduction of different areas of media. At each stage you would have a different member of the team helping to introduce you to the media no ‘one man PR operations’. You will still be allocated a ‘point person’ who will be your day to day contact and make sure the team is moving in the right direction.  If you have any concerns at any stage one email or phone call should resolve things.

This clarity is key when working with promotional music companies so that everyone understands at all stages what is happening. Perhaps looking at what a developing artist is looking for is a great way to gain an insight into how a promotions team works and how a band finds a pr team, take for example the wonderful Norwegian artist Line Mari, check her out on the following link then jump into her world and find out about how she found us as a promo team – https://www.facebook.com/linemarimusic

When it comes to my music I have stumbled across both negative and positives things during the time I have tried on my own to build up a music career.

I have a very young fresh style when it comes to the music that I write at the moment. Crush is a very catchy song, with a young and fresh vibe to it. In Norway some people have told me that my style can be difficult to work with, because I have a young audience. And they seem to think that a young audience is too much work. But of course I disagree.

Also not everyone wishes to work with international pop music.

But on the other hand, other people think it´s fantastic that the music is young, fresh and that´s it about international pop. A lot of people have told me, that my music is very distinctive and that they can hear that it´s my voice when I am played on the radio.

A lot of people in Norway have also told me that they simply love the production of Crush. That it has very high quality.

In the UK my producers have very high hopes for me. They think I can reach very far with my music, both in Norway but also in the UK.

When I performed in London at the Bedford, everyone was giving me a lot of very good feedback. They didn´t believe that I was from Norway. They thought that I was from the US (California). I have heard the same thing several times after gigs. Also people from the US has told me that.

One of my aims with www.quitegreat.co.uk and the pr campaign is to get my follower numbers up on Facebook, SoundCloud and so on. In Norway, everything is about numbers. And I think it´s the same thing in the UK. My promotion is aimed at these things.

A clear outline from Line Mari and everyone in the team understands what the promotional campaign consists of , as clarity is vital in your pr day to day working relationship.

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