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What Are Business Owners Doing To Keep Their Employees Safe Abroad?

Over the last few years, the risks faced by people who work overseas have increased considerably. That is mainly down to terrorist groups and other organizations that are known to attack foreign workers. To counteract the issue, many company bosses now have to take extra precautions. That is especially the case when sending their employees into potentially dangerous situations. Unfortunately, changes are not being made across the board. There are still a number of firms that are not looking out for their team’s welfare in an appropriate manner. With that in mind, we’ve spoken to some of the industry leaders to find out which measures they are taking. Hopefully, their response will help to inspire and encourage other businesses to follow suit.

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Fingerprint access to secure premises

In the past, most companies chose to use a lock and key system when dealing with security at any premises their employees inhabited. The problem with that was terrorists, and other criminals found it easy to break in and cause issues. Thanks to new fingerprint technology, it is now more difficult for that to happen. Only the people with the right authorization can gain access to different areas, and that means there should be fewer negative incidences in the near future. Using fingerprint technology allows companies to keep a record of all movements throughout their compound too.

Use of security specialists

Sometimes we find that business owners have no choice but to employ the services of specialist security firms. That is especially the case when dealing with operations in the Middle East and Africa. Somalia is one of the top places those firms work due to the ever increasing threat of piracy. The right experts will know how to deal with any issues you might encounter like kidnap and ransom. At the end of the day, business owners can’t expect their employees to fight for their lives in dangerous situations. If the threat is significant enough, you must get in touch with the professionals. Some will even have licences to carry firearms.

Personal panic buttons

Companies that operate in overseas territories have been providing personal panic buttons to all employees in recent times. That technology allows the individual to alert their team instantly if something is going wrong. While they are often used to highlight when someone has suffered an injury, they are fantastic for dealing with terrorist incidents. Once the alarm has been sounded, representatives from your firm should contact the appropriate authorities as soon as possible. Depending on where you are working, that might be the army or navy.

We hope that reading about some of the extra security measures being taken today will encourage more business owners to think about the safety of their employees. When all’s said and done, you don’t want to be responsible for the death of another person. For that reason, it is essential that you give all workers the best protection imaginable when they’re making money for your company in risky locations.


Will we see positive changes in the near future? Maybe if the US and UK governments stop getting involved in arguments that have little to do with them. After all, that’s how this recent wave of terrorism started in the first place.

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