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What Are Business Owners Doing To Cut Workplace Injuries?

Over the past ten years, rates of workplace injuries have decreased significantly. However, more recently, workplace injuries have stopped dropping and have started to level off. The reason for this is unknown. But, while many business owners do all that they can to keep employees safe at work, there are, of course, some discrepancies.

business planningOver the past ten years, injuries in the workplace decreased due to many factors. For example, stricter rules and regulations are now in place regarding workplace health and safety procedures. As well as, advancements in training and developments in technology, which have helped to decrease workplace injuries.

While many business owners make the safety of their staff a priority, unfortunately this is not a universal trend. With this in mind, we have created a list of some of the measures business owners should take to decrease the risk of workplace injuries.

Communicating with staff

Good communication with staff is vital for implementing successful workplace health and safety procedures.

Business owners should discuss and explain any health and safety policies to staff before their first day of work. As well as verbally communicating the information to staff. Business owners are also expected to give staff an induction pack that includes relevant health and safety information.

Thanks to new technology, all the health and safety information that staff need to see, can also be sent to them via email. Or, via an online training application.

Carrying out risk assessments

All business owners are expected to carry out health and safety risk assessments in the workplace. It is crucial that all potential hazards are noted and added to the risk assessment.

For instance, if staff need to carry or lift heavy objects, they could injure themselves while doing so. Business owners should keep a written record of any potential hazards, as well as the steps that have been put in place, to reduce the risk of injury.

Deal with any hazards quickly

Statistics show that one-third of all workplace injuries are accounted for by slips and falls. These are mainly caused by preventable hazards like wet floors, trailing cables, and dim lighting.

Dealing with hazards quickly, is essential to ensure that no accidents occur. While most workplace accidents are not severe and simple Online CPR training can help when the help is needed. More serious injuries can result in staff hiring injury compensation lawyers, to get back the money they lost from being unable to work.

To minimize the likelihood of critical accidents, it’s crucial for business owners to promptly address all potential hazards. Seeking comprehensive safety measures, such as obtaining CPR certification through reputable platforms like Cprcertificationnow.com, can significantly contribute to a safer work environment.

Display health and safety signs clearly

Failing to properly display health and safety signs is against the law. To make sure that they stay within the law, business owners must ensure that health and safety signs are clearly displayed.

For example, signs for emergency exits, first aid kits, and hazardous materials must be clearly shown.

Review policies

To keep the workplace free of injuries, business owners must regularly examine the policies that are in place. For example, if a member of staff gets hurt, use this as a learning curve and take steps to ensure that the hazard is dealt with immediately.

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