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Top Employers Sack Workers Left, Right And Centre

Twenty years ago, most workers felt pretty valued by their employer. However, things have changed dramatically in recent times, and now the tables have turned a little. You always get this when the economy is in a bad state, and there are high levels of unemployment. Company bosses start to think less of their workers because they know there are plenty of others in line waiting to take their job. With that in mind, this article will highlight some of the brands that have been taking things to the extreme.

warehouseThanks to intense disciplinary procedures, thousands of workers now have to enlist the help of employment lawyers on a regular basis. You wouldn’t expect some of the largest and most-respected companies to put people in that position, but they are. Brands like Amazon, ASDA and many others are slowly getting a reputation for being the worst employers in the world. Below, you will find a short list of some of the things they expect employees to do at the current time.

Extra work for no pay

Going the extra mile for your employer is all well and good if you receive a standard salary. However, most companies now pay by the hour, and so employees are getting ripped off. If a worker is more than one second late for their shift, they are docked fifteen-minutes worth of pay. If an employer wants them to stay behind, they won’t give the worker a penny until they’ve been there for over fifteen-minutes extra. Double standards? We think so.

Rushing work to aid the employer

The construction industry is booming at the current time, but that just means firm owners are cashing in. Thousands of builders and construction specialists have been complaining they have to work their fingers to the bone to get jobs finished in record time. However, most of them also claim that means they are doing an inferior job.

If you saw a recent documentary following workers in an Amazon warehouse, you will have seen that order pickers are only given a certain amount of time to reach their next item. If they don’t reach it in time, an alarm will sound letting managers and other employees know they are incapable of doing their job properly. As the documentary showed us, that means workers are having to run to reach their destinations. Does that sound a bit like a prison camp? It does to us.

Forced overtime

It is illegal to force someone to work overtime in the UK, and yet there are reports of that happening quite a lot over the past few months. Some of the largest employers have been breaking the rules and threatening to sack people for not playing ball. It’s all well and good for them to offer overtime to staff, but forcing it on them is completely against the rules.

Those are just some of the things employers are getting away with at the moment. Things might change in the future due to more court cases, but they look to stay the same for quite a while yet. The worst thing about all this is that employers are sacking people left, right and centre for not complying with their ridiculous demands. If that happens to you, seek professional help immediately.

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