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Top 3 Green Business Models

If you want to start a business, but you’re completely stuck for ideas, then you should really consider setting up in some kind of green niche. Eco-friendly businesses were once an obscure little corner of the global market. Now, they’re absolutely everywhere. As the demand grows, the competition will only pick up, so get a foothold in now! Here are a few green business ideas to consider.


First of all, making or selling organic soap. When you see all those expensive soaps with extravagant names, it can give off the impression that soap is hard to make. In fact, the process is so simple that you can do it from home with a few simple supplies. With the modern accessibility to ecommerce, selling organic soaps is almost a no-brainer for people who want to run a green business. another attractive thing about this niche is that you can get pretty creative with it. Throw in goat’s milk, different herbs, and oils used for aromatherapy. There’s really no end to the possibilities. Keep your ingredients organic though, and you’ll contribute to the decline of industries that use harmful chemicals in agriculture.

Rainwater collection is another green industry that you should look into. Whether they care for the environment or not, everyone wants to save money on their water bills. Throw in a green spin, and you’ve got yourself an extremely lucrative business idea! Start selling rain water collection systems, or set up a water borehole drilling company, and you’ll be making a huge difference to the world around you. These systems gather water from natural sources, such as the rain or water that’s gathered in your garden, filter it out, and then pump it straight into the mains. This preserves our diminishing sources of clean water, and also helps people live comfortably for less. If you have the capital and the drive to compete in a popular market, then this is certainly a niche to consider.

Finally, setting up your very own green consultancy. Seen as you’re reading this, you probably have some kind of concern for the world’s environment. However, many other entrepreneurs aren’t so benevolent. With more and more government initiatives to make business go green, there’s a pretty big demand for people who can come in, tell them what needs changing and leave. If you’re not crazy about rubbing shoulders with these kinds of people, there’s a pretty big demand among domestic clients too. In this model, you’ll visit people’s homes and look for any ways they’re wasting energy. Then, you’ll help them figure out the most cost-effective modifications they can make, and collect a juicy fee by the end of it! Obviously, this requires some experience in a green industry, and a keen understanding of home utilities. However, it’s a great self-employed model, and one that will only become more popular with time.

There you have just three ways to make your mark on green industries. There are far more possibilities though, and they’re only expected to grow with time. Jump in and start exploring!

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