Published On: Tue, Dec 29th, 2020

Tips for Creating an Open-Arms Business Lobby

When the lobby of your commercial building has seen better days, you need to consider whether the time has come to make updates. While a small sprucing-up might buy some time, if the space looks dilapidated you may consider investing in moderate renovations. If you are looking for fix-up ideas, nail these ones down to keep both tenants and their clients happy for years to come.

Open-Arms Business Lobby


Before performing fine-detail work, rejuvenate or repair any mechanical operations that could have an impact on safety and comfort. If your heating and air condition systems are laboring, look into either repairing or replacing the necessary parts of the units. Also, elevators and escalators should operate smoothly, quietly and reliably. The right escalator consulting company can extend the life of your existing systems, rebuild major portions of them or replace entire structures as necessary.


Your lobby should be welcoming above all else. If your current space is dim and shadow-prone, you have two options to reverse the condition: install more windows and upgrade the lighting. Increasing the number of windows permits more natural light to enter, an effect that enhances comfort. Improving lighting can produce the same outcome if planned carefully. Cast light should be uniform and warm. Install high-lumen and warm-hue fixtures for a pleasing effect. Whether considering window installations or lighting improvements, avoid creating glare spots.


Even if your lobby is not meant to be a space for loitering, visitors need comfortable seating while waiting for appointments or security approval. Arrange furnishings that enhance the space. Chairs and tables should combine appeal, comfort, practicality and durability in the following ways: share a cohesive look in harmony with each other and lobby floors and ceilings; offer supportive and ergonomic seating; provide easily cleaning functionality; give long-lasting reliability.

Floors and Walls

Chipped floors, cracked walls or worn carpeting all speak to structural neglect. If your floors are natural stone or wood, they can be repaired and refurbished to look like new. Carpeting can be replaced easily; at this time, consider whether changing the colors makes sense since styles change over time. Wall cracks should be filled and bumpy areas sanded smooth, then all areas repainted so that new coats do not clash with faded surfaces. As with carpeting, consider updating the paint colors for a modern, cozy look.

Two main kinds of people enter commercial lobbies: those who have business appointments and those who are seeking information. You do not want either group to feel uneasy. By updating your lobby, you can ensure visitors will want both to linger in and to return to your building.