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The world’s most valuable brand: Apple


It’s hard to beat the brand value of Apple. In Forbes 2020 list of the most valuable brands, Apple ranks number one, followed by Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. The brand value of Apple is worth $205.5 billion. For the first time in history, a brand has ever crossed the $200 billion mark. For the last five years, Apple and Google continuously hold the top positions. If you want to buy some Apple products online, check DV Warehouse; A computer store for used Mac computer and Apple products.

Here is the list of the top ten most valuable brands reported by Forbes:

RankBrandBrand Value1-Yr Value ChangeBrand RevenueIndustry
1Apple$241.2 B17%$260.2 BTechnology
2Google$207.5 B24%$145.6 BTechnology
3Microsoft$162.9 B30%$125.8 BTechnology
4Amazon$135.4 B40%$260.5 BTechnology
5Facebook$70.3 B-21%$49.7 BTechnology
6Coca-Cola$64.4 B9%$25.2 BBeverages
7Disney$61.3 B18%$38.7 BLeisure
8Samsung$50.4 B-5%$209.5 BTechnology
9Louis Vuitton$47.2 B20%$15 BLuxury
10McDonald’s$46.1 B5%$100.2 BRestaurants

For the last five years, Apple and Google have been the kings of the list continuously. Apple’s brand value grew by 3 percent to USD 241.2 billion, as Google’s brand value by 6 percent to USD 207.5 billion. Microsoft got the third position and the only brand with a double-digit growth followed by Coca-Cola, Amazon, Samsung, and Facebook breaks into the Top 10.

Apple’s iPhone sales have dipped in recent quarters basically in China and India because of its cheaper rivals Huawei Technologies and Xiaomi who have captured the market. But the irony is that Smartphone sales had fallen by 18% in the last quarter but the stock value of smartphones has increased by 5%, the main reason for that is the record-high service revenue.

The company’s segment doesn’t only include phones and laptops but also App Store, iTunes, Apple Watch, Apple Play, Air pods, etc. These accessories are the second biggest income for Apple after the iPhone, with a revenue of $37 billion in 2018 and the company expects it to top $100 billion in 2023. This forecasted growth of iphone app development melbourne speaks to the power of the Apple brand.

The trust of the customers in the brand is very high which made Apple the top-level brand in the world. Consumers have even started buying refurbished phones for sale in Australia because of their loyalty to the brand. Services are the next frontier for the company and brand.

Its brand power determines any company’s brand value, and Apple has created a strong brand power. This is the principal factor behind the success of the company.

Today, Apple is not just a brand but a status sign. Its iconic marketing and branding strategy has always focused on the people’s emotions by putting a priority on creating a large community of fans.

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