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The Five Skills Most Modern Employees Are Looking For

The kind of employment that the current generation is going for has shifted dramatically. New industries are growing and businesses are expecting more know-how from their employees. They don’t always have the time to train you themselves. If you’re looking for a job with potential for growth and challenges, employers expect you to be up to task. So, what are some of the skills that employers are looking for most? Which of the traditional skills are sticking around and what are some of the new hot traits the modern employee should be picking up?

Brainstorming communication

Communication skills

Now more than ever are employees open to communication with their bosses. Skype and Google Hangouts give employers instant access to their employees. Even when separated by office partitions or entirely different buildings. So communication skills are ultimately necessary for being able to give detailed accounts of your work. That’s not to say they’ve lost any of their use in talking to those outside the company too. If your boss is going to delegate to you, they’ll want to make sure you can represent them well.


Being able to drive has always been a priority for employers. First, they want to make sure you can make the commute, even if it means the location changes. But again, employers want you to be able to run independently when they give tasks that might take you away from the office. Driving’s necessary to make yourself as efficient a choice as possible for the employee. So if you don’t quite have the skills yet, click here for more info.

Analytical thinking

We have entered the era of big data. That’s the process of applying problem solving thought methods to empirical data. Then you take the results to provide solutions and decisions in the real business world. Not everyone will expect you to be a data analyst, but now more than ever is it important that employees are able to show independence. This means taking the initiative to look over your own processes and give input where improvements can be made. You can learn more here about training your mind to think analytically.

Computer literacy

It’s been growing in importance over the past couple of decades. Now lacking computer literacy can seriously hinder your chances at getting a career. Whether it’s Google Drive or Microsoft Office, you’re expected to be able to use the most commonly available office tools. The more skills you already have, the more use you have beyond the core job description. Computer literacy is something you need to keep building on, too, since the tech we use will inevitably update and change.

Interpersonal propriety

A lot of focus is being put on being appropriate in the workplace these days. Of course, this is a good thing but for people who haven’t been in the business world for a while, it’s a new skill that needs learning. Rid yourself of negative gendered speech and practise cultural sensitivity. These new focuses on propriety are now a must-have in the business world.

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