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The Biggest Companies In The World Are Finally Going Green

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Climate change and global warming has been high on the world’s agenda for fifteen years now. Governments and the world’s population pushed back against the devastating impact of CO2 emissions. During these fifteen years, the blame and pressure has been placed solely on big businesses. Industrial giants were identified as the key contributors to the destruction of the planet. Whether it was excessive CO2 emissions, air and water pollution or land fill, blame was placed at their feet.


Some of the biggest companies on the planet are finally taking action. Perhaps they are finally acting out of compassion for the world and the climate around them. Perhaps it is simply because going green actually helps save money. Eco friendly solutions are generally more cost effective. Finally, the technology is powerful enough. Everyone from McDonalds, Starbucks to Coca Cola are implementing green reforms. McDonalds are working with PETA to ensure respect for animals and their environment. Starbucks and Coca Cola are focusing on sustainable water and packaging solutions worldwide. It’s an amazing start, so where else are the biggest companies going green? Soap companies can also switch to custom soap boxes to improve their marketing strategy.


Business premises

The richest companies on the planet are in a place to break down barriers with building features. Apple are leading the way with their design for Campus 2, their new HQ in Cupertino. The entire building breathes with sophisticated ventilation systems. Some buildings around the globe are also carbon neutral. In fact, they produce more energy than they use. The Co-Op headquarters in Manchester, for instance, uses solar panels to provide most of its power. It also captures and reuses the rainwater on site.

Digital communications

Quite simply, paper is no longer an efficient resource. Bank of America are perhaps the biggest company to publicly announce a major change. They are drastically reducing their paper usage and using online alternatives. Many other huge businesses are following suit. Everything from documents to business greetings cards are going digital. The rise of online card companies like ecardshack.com are thriving as a result.

Cutting back on travel

Developments in communications technology means that travel is becoming less necessary. Some of the biggest CO2 emissions come as the result of jet engines. With less business travel comes less pollution and emissions. The biggest technology leap in this sector is hologram communications. Business people can now conduct meetings across the globe, appearing in hologram form!

Cleaner production

In the industrial and engineering sectors, production has become much cleaner and more efficient. Nowhere is this more evident than in the automotive industry. Car engines are now cleaner than ever. Every car company on the planet now has a hybrid model on the market. Consumer and governmental pressure has forced companies to make these changes. Yet they are reaping the rewards.

The original pressure for a greener world came for concern for the environment. While that is still a big factor, businesses are slowly realising the economic benefits too. Green technology is more efficient, cleaner and more powerful. Not only that, but it’s cheaper. The future is green and exciting!

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