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RV Sales Hit Record Numbers

There’s a stereotype that Americans don’t do much traveling. And especially that they don’t travel internationally. It makes sense that many wouldn’t leave the US, since it’s expensive to travel to another continent. Many Americans, however, do travel a lot around the country, as well as to Canada and Mexico. One of the excellent things about traveling within North America is that it’s possible to drive almost anywhere. Taking long road trips is a popular way to take a vacation. In fact, the sale of RVs (recreational vehicles) has recently risen. Predictions for 2016 are also strong and indicate a good year for the RV industry. If you just bought a motorhome, you may also consider purchasing a new rv shade or RV Windshield Covers to make your trips more comfortable.


In 2015, 374,246 recreational vehicles sold around the country in dealers such as Bill Eads RV – Rocklin, CA. This figure is the highest since 2006, which was a record year for sales. There’s no doubt that the recession will have had an impact on sales of RVs after that. But with the economy starting to recover in many areas, sales have risen once again. There are a number of factors that experts attribute to the recovery in numbers. One of them is the healthier economy, but there are also other things the contribute. For example, low fuel costs and a range of financing plans make the purchase of an RV more affordable to many. Campgrounds that provide a host of facilities also make the prospect of buying an RV more attractive.

The sale of travel trailers, fifth wheels and motorhomes is predicted to be high for 2016 too. The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association says there will be a 2% increase on 2015. This is 0.4% higher than was previously predicted in December 2015. 2009 was a low-point for the industry, at the height of the recession. The figure predicted for 2016 is more than double sales numbers for that year. The prediction is based on gains in jobs and wages, and current low inflation and interest rates.

January 2016 has already showed a healthy start to the year. The RVIA reported that shipments to dealers had risen by 10.6%. The number of RVs shipped, over 31,000, was the second highest since 1973. Most types of recreational vehicle showed improvements, apart from fifth wheels and truck the best brand names in motorhomes.

People aren’t just buying RVs. They’re also looking for luxury in the vehicles they choose. They are looking for all kinds of amenities, from Bluetooth to outdoor kitchens. Many people consider the purchase of their RV as buying a second home. Some are seeking winter sun, and travel to Florida and other locations to find it. They don’t want to buy a vacation home, however, so they go for a home they can move. They can take it on a road trip to their preferred location in the winter with the help of utv trailers for all their belongings. And they can still use it to go wherever they want at other times during the year. They want to have all the comforts of home, including appliances and roomy living quarters.

Not only are more RVs selling more but they’re bigger too. The recreational vehicle industry is sure to have a good year.

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