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Looking for a Career in the Aviation Industry? Now May Be the Right Time

Jobs in the aviation industry are highly competitive. For those individuals that wish to join the aviation industry, there are a wide range of jobs available. This is, of course, dependent on Primary Training and skills that are required, and those that have already taken part in private pilot lessons will be well ahead of the curve. Over the last few years the aviation industry has seen tremendous growth, that is both positive and encouraging for budding aviation experts. Join a cirrus flight training program if you are determined to start a career flying Cirrus aircraft. Due to the growth of globalization, job openings the world over have been introduced where they previously were not available. If there is one thing to be thankful for in this globalized age, then it is that the aviation industry has seen incredible growth over the last twenty years.

Career in the Aviation Industry

Of course, the aviation industry has suffered setbacks during the economic crisis due to taxation and fuel price increases, but the industry as a whole has been rather resilient to these setbacks and has continued to grow from strength to strength. Where other industries have failed, the aviation industry has continued to grow and prosper.

Domestic and international flights have become more prevalent and more and more people are choosing to fly by plane, as opposed to taking long drives or ferries to their destination. As a result, the attitude shift within the aviation industry has seen positive growth for amenities relating to aircraft. This means that regardless of your work background; you could have an exciting career within the aviation industry. Human resources personnel, as well as administrators are all needed to ensure that the aviation industry is successful. You don’t just have to be a pilot to enjoy the rise of the aviation industry. The rising need for all skill sets means that this is no longer an elusive industry (of course, this still stands with pilots – not anyone can become a pilot, and rightly so!) If you want to talk to an aviation specialist with years of experience, contact Rafael Munguia.

With so many jobs available in the aviation industry there truly is something for everyone, take a look at these examples:

  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Airport Manager
  • Aviation Maintenance Technician
  • Flight Attendants
  • Pilot

So, whether you want to fly a plane or fix it, there is a profession for you within the aviation industry. Typically, experience will depend on the post that you are seeking. The different and varied jobs mean that you will require a varied skill set. Typically, these jobs take around 3-7 years to fully train (even longer for a pilot) and your pay grade will depend on the number of years experience and seniority that you have. Working up the ranks is no easy feat, but if you are willing to work hard and you are committed to a career in aviation, you will rise quickly.

Common skills that all experts within the aviation industry share are:

  • Good communicating skills and pleasing etiquette
  • Awareness of technicalities related to flight maintenance
  • Planning skills
  • Evaluation skills
  • Organisation skills
  • Efficiency in doing day-to-day tasks entitled by the reporting authority
  • Administrative support
  • Financial reporting
  • Maintenance
  • Quality control
  • Research and development
  • Policy development

No one said that a career in aviation would be easy, but it certainly is rewarding.

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