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Liable Threat For Companies Who Don’t Know Legislation

Many of Australia’s biggest blue chip companies could be under threat. Companies who do not understand the legislation could face criminal charges and large fines. The news comes as the AU government instates new laws in the “Chain Of Responsibility” sector. Many business owners in the country are unaware of the new legislation, which is now in place. The lack of knowledge could lead to serious repercussions. In the most severe cases, companies could have to shut down, with company ambassadors facing charges and fines.

LEGALThose under particular threat are companies working within the transport industry. This industry is one of the most dangerous in the country. Many people working within the industry are completely unaware of the responsibility they yield. Staff members from receivers and packers to drivers and operators could be liable. Being liable means taking the legal responsibility when something in the business goes wrong. Many members of staff assume that small mistakes don’t cost the economy, but they are wrong. Every slight mistake or problem, which happens in the industry effects the sector as a whole. Knowing the legislation of the sector is vital to business owners and staff alike.

So, what is the Chain of Responsibility (CoR)? Each staff member within a business is part of the chain. Ensuring that you understand why and how a fault happened at work is essential in a successful environment. Taking the blame for something that happens is never an easy thing to do. But, according to the new legislation, every employee has a duty to step up. That leaves companies open to suing cases when a third party feels that there has been a problem. We live in a culture that makes suing another person or business easy. Should a third party want to sue you, they can.

Protect your company against the law is vital. To do this, it means educating your staff on their rights and responsibilities. According to the new legislation, all your staff needs to pass a CoR course so that your company is safe. That means every member of staff, from your drivers to the people who work in-office needs to enrol in a course. In not educating your staff, you leave your company open to many charges and could even face serious fines. These fines may mean that your company has to shut down, and you will end up without a livelihood.

It is not just suing that you need to protect yourself against. The government sends out inspectors who conduct commercial inspections to the transport industry on a regular basis. If one such inspector comes to check your business out and you have not taken the appropriate steps, you will end up with a fine. The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is the governing body responsible for monitoring the regulations. Blue chip companies are at the most risk as their high profiles make them prime targets. These companies should expect frequent, belligerent inspections of their staff. Company owners should enrol their staff on CoR courses, before the waiting list for such courses becomes too long.

The new legislation comes as part of the AU governments attempts to crack down on the leading industries. Unregulated industries will now be in the spotlight, and the government is accessing their next move. By protecting you and your staff against potential fines and other actions, you are doing the best thing possible. Many business owners are unaware of the new legislation, but ignorance is no defence. Learning what the new laws mean for you and your business is integral in protecting your livelihood. To learn more about the new law do some research online.


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