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Job Market Boom Gives New Opportunities

After what seems like an eternity of low job prospects, we are finally enjoying a boom in the job market. This year alone has seen more people finding new work and already we have fewer people unemployed.

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With the market at a new high, so comes opportunities for people who used to be jobless. Skilled people are now able to get a foot in the door and start making a career for themselves within their chosen field. It was not so long ago that many of our skilled graduates were working in menial jobs, for low pay. With so many people jobless this was a waste of the skills, which they had spent years learning. The fact that now they are able to use their skill set to its full extent is positive for both them and their employer.

The new job market has also opened up many jobs, which are quite new. IT and technology based jobs are at an all time high, meaning there has been a huge boost in the area. This boost in the tech sector can only lead to new and more efficient technology, which will no doubt soon be on the mainstream market.

A Boost To The Health Sector

One of the best things to have come out of this employment boom, is something that benefits us all. There is now a wealth of trained health professionals throughout the western world. These professionals have an unimaginable skill set and are hard at work attempting to save lives.

Last year you would have found that many of these skilled people weren’t employed within the health capacity. The fact that their skills were going to waste when people need vital health care was ridiculous. Now, though, most health professionals work in their own field, meaning we can get proper health care when we need it.


It is no wonder that these people are in demand within the workplace. Just take a look at a dialysis technician job description and you will soon understand the depth these skills go to. Health care and research jobs cannot be undertaken by just anyone, so the fact that the professionals are back to work is comforting.

More Creative Jobs

Taking the creative pathway is not an easy option. There are few creative jobs in the world so attempting to get one can be nigh impossible. This year, though, we have seen a huge increase in people working in a creative capacity.

From artists to musicians to writers, it seems that the majority of young people are opting to pursue creative arts jobs. You would have imagined that they would be unsuccessful in this. After all the dip in the job market affected the entertainment sector first. The fact is though that somehow the creative job market is growing all the time. This boost in creative jobs means that it will be prime time for people to opt for creative careers within the next few years as opposed to more steady career paths.

Marketing At All Time High

One sector which never seemed to stop expanding, even throughout the crisis, was the world of marketing. It appears that especially when other sectors suffer, marketing has been growing.

Now marketing is one of the largest career sectors in the world and is always growing. The boost of online and social media marketing has made it a viable role for digital experts and writers alike.

With these sectors and more growing now is a great time to be entering the working world. Graduates leaving university have new ways to make careers for themselves. The number of job opportunities is higher than in past years, so more graduates are likely to find employment. People who used to be jobless also have the chance to return to work and restart their career due to the great shape of the job market.

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