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How to Increase Productivity For Your Business

A business runs on productivity. This dictates the volume of business you can get through and how it affects your profit margins. In business, there are a lot of important elements but none more so than productivity. If your work levels drop and the output of your business begins to slide, you will find yourself suffering. You will not be completing as many orders, your sales will be down, and you might find yourself losing clients.


Because productivity is so vital, it is important to make sure that your staff are working to the best of their ability. Staff are the factor that drives productivity, and you need to make sure that they are doing the most they can for the business as a whole.

There will be techniques that you can use to track your staff’s productivity online. Some programs and products allow you to do this such as the VeriClock online time clock. But you may decide you would rather take a more open approach to your staff and business.

If so here are some things to consider that may increase productivity for your business:

Offer incentives

A great way to increase productivity in your business is to motivate your workforce. You can do this through the use of incentives. You might do this by way of competitive salary when you are at the hiring stage. Or you could use a bonus structure where employees are rewarded for their performances. Make sure that this is an attractive bonus structure, but also make sure that you (or the company) can afford to pay it.

Also ensure that you make your bonus targets challenging but realistic. There is nothing that de-motivates a workforce quicker than unreasonable targets.

If you don’t want to offer financial bonuses, you can always offer other prizes such as health insurance and other holiday leave.

Hire sensibly

An important part of maintaining productivity within your team is to hire sensibly from the outset. Compile your pool of candidates and see who has the most experience, but also the best references. You are looking for a well-rounded individual with a good work and social life balance.

Don’t forget what a person is like can be almost as important as how experienced they are. This is especially true when working in a team based environment. If your team all get along and there is relative group harmony then you can expect productivity levels to flourish.

Maintain regular correspondence

Maintain regular correspondence with your clients and customers. This reminds them that you’re still around and still offering something that interests them. Send out regular promotions to existing customers offering discounts to encourage repeat custom.

Compiling and circulating a newsletter to your clients is a great way of keeping them informed of the health of your business. Emails are easy to ignore, but the newsletter is more professional and personal for the customer. This approach will help you to build a strong relationship with your clients ensuring future business.

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