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How outsourcing can help small businesses grow

In 2016, 57% of US companies increased their use of outsourcing. It’s a telling statistic that speaks to a revolution underway in the business world. Outsourcing is changing the way that we work and the way that day-to-day business tasks are managed. It’s streamlining company activity, boosting productivity and helping companies to grow. Could it work for you?

How outsourcing can help small businesses grow

Reduce your overheads

If you ask people why they choose to outsource tasks rather than handling them in-house, you’ll find that the most common response you get is that it saves them money. If yours is a small business, the chances are that there are a number of tasks you need to take care of, especially around finance and law, that require specialist skill – but that you don’t really have enough work like this to justify the costs involved in taking on specialist workers full time. Today’s small companies enjoy many benefits from outsourcing their IT support. You can look for the managed IT services in Charlotte NC if you need an expert advice. Outsourcing presents a practical solution: you only need to pay for what you get.

Bring in the best

It’s difficult for small companies to compete with big concerns when it comes to talent. The chances are that you can’t afford the high salaries, bonuses and benefits that highly skilled employees expect – but when you outsource, you can bring in the very best on a project by project basis. This makes budgeting for talent much easier and it enables you to match the skills of a contractor precisely to what you need for a specific job, improving your ability to produce high quality work.

Get it done in time

One reason that some people hesitate to outsource work is that they’re concerned that time differences across different regions and countries will make it difficult to organize. In fact, the time difference can work in your favor, because it means that you can outsource your data entry tasks and get it done overnight, so the results are ready for you in the morning. If you have a lot of work to do, you can bring in as many contract workers as you need to be confident of meeting your deadline.

Keep it simple

Working with contractors doesn’t need to be complicated at all. By using an umbrella company, you can reduce contractor pay to a simple payment, with all tax issues already accounted for. If you develop a relationship with an agency that routinely caters to your type of business, you’ll find it easy to access contractors with all sorts of useful skills, and identify which ones are the best choice for you. Over time, you’ll get to know individual contractors and you can bring them in as needed

When you’re keen to grow your company, outsourcing provides a very low risk means through which to do so. You can use it to develop stage by stage, moving to taking on new full time staff only when you’re confident that you have enough work to justify it and can continue to afford it. Contractors don’t need long-term commitment from you and can come and go as needed, helping you to take your company to the next level.

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