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How Ingredient Suppliers Are ModernizingThe Canadian Food Industry

The Canadian food industry must adapt with the times, so that they can match the desires of Canadian citizens. Citizens are consistently shifting their opinions on food and changing their diets based on health, cultural and moral reasons. Ingredient suppliers have been working hard to provide quality products and services to empower companies within the food industry. These suppliers have been sourcing and sharing ingredients to improve the health, taste and convenience of food and modernize the entire industry. If you are looking for a job in the food industry find out more online.


There are many markets involved within the Canadian food industry: baking, beverages, confectionary, distilleries, dairy, fruit and vegetable processing, meat and seafood, prepared foodsand more. Even the pet food market is included within the industry, because people are very conscientious about what they give to their animals — many owners consider their pets as family members and hold their pet’s health as an extremely high priority. Ingredient suppliers work to source and provide ingredients to meet the demands of customers in all markets of the food industry, including demands like dietary restrictions and non-GMO products. A superior ingredient supplier will make it their mission to provide as many modern options and alternatives in order to improve the food industry.

An example of a superior ingredient supplier is the company CCC Ingredients, which is a division of the larger company CCC (Canada Colors and Chemicals). CCC Ingredients is an experienced and reliable company that has been working with the food industry and meeting its needs since 1988. A zealous marketing team has helped the company further its potential, by keeping a constant eye on trends in the market and sourcing the newest ingredients. To see the company’s extensive portfolio, go to the website CCC-ingredients.com for a more in depth look at their product portfolio and ingredient solutions that meet the current market trends.

One of the newest additions to CCC Ingredients’ incredible portfolio are products from their recent partnership with the ROHA group. The ROHA group is a leading global manufacturer that develops colours, dyes and pigments used in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. ROHA carries brands that respond to the customer desire for naturally-sourced ingredients with their Natracol and Futurals lines. Natracol uses organic and well-known sources like beetroot, turmeric, carrots and paprika for colouring. Futurals use a variety of natural shades made from ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, algae, herbs and edible flowers. These brands are solutions for a market that demands their food be made with natural, GMO-free, clean and health-conscious ingredients.The supplier CCC Ingredients will be answering all of these demands for Canadian citizens, because they are currently the country’s official distributor of ROHA’s food colouring products.

The food industry must respond to the needs and desires of their customers, in order to appeal to diet restrictions, concerns and priorities. The industry also needs to evolve with market trends and new innovations, so that they can keep pushing their business forward into the future. Manufacturers of canned goods, for instance, may invest in a more advanced can seamer to improve the efficiency of their processes. Reputable ingredient suppliers will also make sure to stay aware of market trends and developments, so that they can help modernize every market within the Canadian food industry.

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