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Health and Wealth: Making the Case for Corporate Wellness Programs

Health in the workplace is a hard thing to measure. There are so many variables at play here; attitudes, work habits, and the overall bottom line. Despite the naysayerscorporate wellness programs have been instrumental in providing employees with the tools they need to properly deal withstress. It is important to note however, that without the behavioral changes in place even the most structured wellness program can fail. With that said, here are five ways incorporating a company-wide wellness program can help increase your numbers.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Less Sick Days Equates to Cost Savings

Many chronic ailments suffered today are the result of lifestyle choices. It is not that employees set out to make day-to-day decisions that will negatively affect their well-being, but often it is lack of education and resources in the subject that continues the cycle. The more an employee is ill, the less time they will be spending focused on work. Sick days are used regularly and this places a break in projects and processes that involve that particular company member. A wellness program can assist in dealing with stress, learning how to eat nutrient-rich meals, and get moving on a regular basis, lessening the occurrence of chronic disease-related days off from work.

Stress Relief and Greater Productivity

Employees who take part in wellness programs have tools to deal with high stress situations and can focus on problem solving. In addition, they are more alert, often work at a faster rate, and make fewer mistakes. Energy levels stay consistent so they are less likely to hit that mid-afternoon wall that often results in a sharp dip in productivity. In fact, employees who take part in physical fitness classes and hit the gym are more likely to have higher levels of energy in general than their counterparts who do not. For programs that offer support in smoking cessation, employees will no longer be breaking the fluidity of their day with trips outside to the smoking station.

Pleasant Office Environment and Happiness

Healthier employees are happier employees. Consider the office environment; is there natural light? Are there office perks already in place? Offering yoga classes for example at lunch, wellness seminars, or on-site workout facilities, individuals are given the tools to work through job related stress in a productive manner. Wellness programs are also conducive to more camaraderie between workers as they find workout buddies to meet office wellness goals, or take lunchtime walks with one another. Wellness support groups help individuals connect on a personal level. All of this results in higher morale within the office. When employees are happy, they are less likely to look for employment elsewhere resulting in fewer turnovers. This translates to less interviewing and training time for the company and no additional ramp-up period for new hires.


Healthcare costs can have a big impact on a company’s bottom line, but having a wellness program can result in healthier employees and lower deductibles. Consider offering rebates to your employees to offset the amount they have to contribute to their healthcare costs and it can be a win for both sides.

Opportunity to Evolve

Offering a program within your company does not mean you have to go full throttle immediately, but gives you plenty of opportunity to evolve as you see what works and what falls flat with your particular environment. If fitness rewards elicit positive reactions, integrate health-related bonuses such as gym memberships or fitness equipment into your program. If you notice employees are not taking time to break for lunch throughout the day, provide a variety of healthy snacks for the office so workers can grab and go, avoiding energy dips. Increase opportunities in the areas that you see have the most impact to continually show support to your work base.

Offering a corporate wellness program shows your employees that you are invested in their well-being and longevity. This provides you with a pool of workers that will invest back in your company, allowing more success across the board.

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