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Get a Business Boost by Using Customer Testimonials and Reviews

As a business owner, you put your all into your company because you care about your customers. As such, you may expect your organization to grow rapidly just because you have something great to offer consumers. However, it does not always work that way.

Customer Testimonials

Even if you are spending time using different marketing strategies, there is one thing that you may be missing that could instantly give your business the boost it needs. Just about 90 percent of all online shoppers base their buying decisions on the customer testimonials that have been left by those who have already purchased the same items in the past. Good reviews often lead to more business, while negative reviews can destroy it.

Getting Past Customers to Leave Reviews

You sell amazing products or provide a fantastic service to customers. In return, you hope that they enjoy the service they receive and have many positive things to say about it. Although tons of people may love what you have to offer, that does not necessarily mean that they are going to leave a detailed positive review about their experience. Here’s how you can get them to leave feedback:

  • Use Social Media: Post a picture that relates to the products or services that you offer. Ask your followers for feedback. For example: “We’re bringing it back! What do you think about our new and improved anti-aging facial mask with pore minimizing ingredients?” If you know that people are buying the product or using the service quite often, there is a fairly good chance that some of your followers are going to leave feedback.

Keep Your Testimonials in Plain Sight

Once you have gathered strong testimonials, post them in plain sight. When new visitors view your website, they will notice the positive things that others are saying about your business. It is a great way to boost and strengthen a company that may need just a small push to reach its highest potential.

When you do choose to post the testimonials on your website, make sure that you are using snippets. Avoid using lengthy reviews that are several paragraphs long. As nice as they may be, most website visitors will not sit and read through them all.

If you are ready to get more business and make more sales, it is time to start using word of mouth to your advantage.

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