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Fed Chair Powell: No Rate Hike in June, Focus on Inflation

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell indicates no interest rate increase at June meeting, emphasizes focus on inflation and economic impact. Get the latest insights.

Fed Chair Powell

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has provided clarity on the central bank’s next policy move, indicating that an increase in the benchmark interest rate is unlikely at the upcoming June meeting. Powell’s announcement comes in response to the mixed messages conveyed by various officials, offering insight into the Fed’s direction. The current interest rate, which has been raised consistently over the past year to combat inflation, is now considered sufficiently high to restrain borrowing, spending, and economic growth.

The Fed hopes that this slowdown in growth will eventually lead to a cooling of inflation. Powell’s stance aligns with other officials who advocate for a pause in rate hikes, allowing for an evaluation of the previous increases’ impact on the economy before proceeding further.

Acknowledging the recent turbulence in the banking sector following the collapse of three major banks within the past two months, Powell expressed concerns about the potential reduction in lending pace by banks, which could weaken the overall economy. Consequently, he suggested that the policy rate may not need to rise as significantly as initially anticipated to achieve the Fed’s goals. However, Powell also emphasized the uncertainty surrounding the extent of this adjustment, highlighting the need for careful evaluation.

Although most policymakers signaled support for a pause in rate hikes, some remain of the belief that further increases are necessary to address persistent inflation. While inflation has declined from its peak, it still exceeds the central bank’s 2% target. Core inflation, which excludes volatile food and energy costs, has experienced a more moderate decline and has remained relatively stable since November.

Powell underscored the data’s support for the Fed’s perspective that lowering inflation will require a considerable amount of time. However, not all Fed officials share his concerns regarding the recent upheaval in the banking sector and its potential impact on the economy. Officials such as Raphael Bostic and Austan Goolsbee have stated that the failures of specific banks may have limited effects, with lending in their respective districts showing little indication of pulling back solely due to these failures.

Powell announcement reflects the Fed’s cautious approach, taking into account the consequences of previous rate hikes and emphasizing the need for a thorough assessment. The decision to refrain from increasing the interest rate in June is based on the Fed’s commitment to evaluating the impact of its tightening measures and avoiding excessive credit tightening that could lead to a recession.

Claire Goul
Claire Goul
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