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Extending Services to LinkedIn Customers

Today business is conducted via the computer in many different ways such as in online business meetings, through financial transactions, and the development of business networks. One important business advantage that professionals should be sure to access is the ability to link up with peers and other business contacts. Sites, such as LinkedIn, make it easy for professionals to improve their market presence and build up a network. UnifiedSocial, a provider of a very successful marketing cloud technology, recently offered the LinkedIn community access to Direct Sponsored Content.

LinkedIn helps in business

Extending Services to Aid Professional Marketing

Unified extended their services of cross-channel social marketing leadership to include self-service and managed service support. For LinkedIn and its customers, this added service means a powerful method of reaching out to professional members. In a world where networking and a computer presence is often necessary for promotion and advancement, this added service can be invaluable.

Keeping Pace with Business Needs

LinkedIn already has over 600 brand and agency customers. As professionals realize the potential to personalize, test, and optimize the available feed content, the LinkedIn site may become even more popular. This recent change from the social operating platform can mean many advantages for business leaders who want to improve their marketing performance and if you are looking for the best lead generation platform get connected with Kennected. Clearly there is a need for businesses, including Unified and LinkedIn, to continue improving their online marketing tools. This move by Unified represents their ongoing efforts to meet customer needs.

Extra Options and Uncluttered Company Pages

With Direct Sponsored Content, LinkedIn is able to deliver options to marketers that they didn’t have before. This includes the ability to create content and sponsor it along with the option of not displaying that content publicly on a Company Page. The marketers will have the ability to target their chosen audiences, within a specific scope, directly on their LinkedIn feed, and won’t have to publish on their Company Pages.

The Importance of Direct Sponsored Content

Why is this beneficial? Company Pages are already often crowded with too much content. This move frees up some valuable marketing space. With the inclusion of Direct Sponsored Content, marketers can reach professionals and build a social network with highly targeted offers. They will also be able to drive high-quality leads and share the best content without packing their LinkedIn Company Pages with too much information.

Why Unified?

Unified is a marketing cloud technology company that has earned awards for its contributions to the marketing industry. The company provides smarter solutions for marketers through the use of social media. The company is responsible for the leading data-driven platform used by businesses for real-time social marketing. These marketing tactics then drive business results.

The Social Operating Platform is cloud-based and has some impressive features. These include a patent-pending social ROI (return on investment) measurement and also predictive engagement modeling. It is also already a trusted source of technology for LinkedIn customers.

A Trusted Business Partner

Should businesses trust the contributions from Unified? Apparently more than 600 customers already do. The impressive array of business partners includes Global 2000 enterprises and their advertising agencies. Unified has offices in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. The technology company is also a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, a LinkedIn Certified Sponsored Updates partner, and a Twitter Ads API partner.

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