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Driving Bans: The Financial Implications

Driving bans seem to be on the rise. There are many reasons why an individual is banned from driving. Sometimes, this can be due to negligent driving. Others are banned on the basis speeding offences or driving under the influence. For those that have found themselves in this predicament, there is seemingly very little you can do to overturn your ban. Or is there?


The UK government is implementing a plethora of laws to punish those who are not driving as they should be. The police and courts are enforcing a number of bans. This is to ensure the safety of the roads within the UK.

Little has been investigated into the financial hardship and the implications of banning drivers. Of course, for those that are negligent on the roads, a ban should be enforced. In these times of austerity  very little has been done to ensure the financial security of the UK’s motorists.

The financial implications of driving bans are far reaching. Many people have lost their jobs due to a driving job. By losing their main income, they have found themselves homeless. What is more they are left without any financial assistance. The financial and emotional impacts of a driving ban can play havoc on the lives of those who have found themselves in this predicament.

There is a way that this can be avoided. However, a seemingly low number of people are aware of this. You can argue the grounds of a ban due to financial hardship. If you are suffering from genuine financial hardship because of a driving ban, you could have your ban overturned.

In the UK if you have a total of twelve points on your license you can be banned from driving. You can incur points for speeding or for having bald tyres. These bans can be harsh and unjust. In these precarious economic times, this can seem very unfair.

UK motorists need to be aware of the exceptional hardship argument that can assist them with overturning their ban. With this exceptional hardship law, you can have your ban overturned. This enables you to escape from disqualification. In some circumstances, the ban will not be quashed, but your ban term could be reduced. This is positive news for those that are keen to have their unfair driving bans overturned.

What is more, there are no hard and fast rules of what exceptional hardship is. This means that each case is assessed on the merits of the individual as opposed to what is enshrined in the court of law.

Typically, an exceptional hardship case would be based on the following merits:

Loss of income

Loss of job

Caring for a family member in need

Illness and the need for hospital visits

In these instances, your ban could be overturned. However, you need to state your case to ensure that you meet some criteria.

The UK is exceptionally hard on drivers. If you have not been negligent but have simply found yourself at the behest of the point scheme that is used, do not despair. Help is at hand.


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