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Businesses Step Up Security Measures Across The Country

Security has always been a primary concern for businesses. They seek protection for expensive stock and products. They have concern for the leak of sensitive data and the potential for fraud. A security breach at a company can have a devastating effect. It can cripple finances and take months to recover. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that they are turning to more and more deterrents.


More recently, businesses have had to respond to the threat of cyber attacks. The infiltration of electronic systems and database from sophisticated thieves is increasing. Thieves, burglars and fraudsters are getting smarter. New technologies are constantly being developed. With that in mind, companies have adapted to meet the change. If there are any faulty doors in your office or facility, you may hire a commercial door repair company to fix them and improve their security.

Fingerprint and retina scan access. – Businesses have always had safes and locked access. Important and sensitive documents must be kept well out of reach from others. Only trusted employees are allowed access. However, safes were cracked and access was manipulated. Companies needed a stronger protection. The only way to truly identify a trusted person is using their individual bodies. Fingerprints and retina details are unique. They offer the only safe access. These sensors are now commonplace in many industries.

Safe rooms. – High profile kidnappings have led to a culture of fear and worry. The culture started with rich families who could easily provide ransoms. Wealthy families began building safe rooms in which to hide from potential attackers. Business headquarters are beginning to follow suit. CEOs and public spokesmen are high profile targets for kidnappers and businesses want to be prepared. Safe rooms are secretive rooms built to withstand force and pressure.

Security guards. – Getting security guard services Calgary is not a new concept, but they are growing in popularity. Complete with dog patrols, these companies deter thieves from stealing expensive equipment and stock. The rise of armed security services around high profile business figures has risen rapidly. Of course, a security guard company is usually employed to monitor factories and warehouses.

CCTV and motion sensors. – Again, CCTV cameras are nothing new but we are seeing a whole new generation of tracking. Modern CCTV cameras are now connected directly to the authorities in some cases. More importantly, they are often streamed direct to the smartphone of an operations manager. At a quick glance, they can monitor activity within a building just by looking at his phone. Motion sensors can also detect any disruption within a building. An alert can be sent to a smartphone or, again, straight to the authorities.

These modern technologies give peace of mind to business owners. Any breach of security can cause havoc to the business. Small companies, in particular, are at risk. They often can’t afford to protect themselves and are high targets for thieves. If you own a business, think about the preventative measures you can take to secure your company. Whether it’s through physical entry or cyber attacks, there is always a weak spot. Take the time to assess your business and take security protection against it.

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