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Business Theft Is On The Rise Once Again: Are You Properly Protected?

Official statistics over the last ten years have shown that break-ins and theft from business premises have been falling considerably. However, in the last twelve months, we’ve seen more criminal activity in this area than ever before. So, today we’re asking whether or not you’re taking all the proper precautions to limit the chances of this occurring to your business. While you might think fitting CCTV cameras would be enough, that doesn’t act as a deterrent, and so more can be done.

Business Theft Is On The Rise Once Again

Considering all that, we’re going to provide you with some suggestions that might help you to keep everything secure. Sure, your insurance probably will pay out if someone breaks-in and steals your most expensive equipment, but that could take a long time, and your rates are certain to increase. So, it’s much more sensible to plan ahead and utilise some of the ideas below. Of course, if a criminal has their heart set on getting inside your premises, there’s not much you can do to stop them, but there is a lot you can do to guarantee the police get a conviction when the undesirable is caught.

Automated Flood Lighting

You probably don’t realise this, but it’s possible to link up your alarm system to automated flood lights. That means that when someone triggers the alarm, they’ll be lit up like Blackpool illuminations. With a bit of luck, they should panic and give up on their plan. At the very least, that should mean you get a good picture of them on your CCTV system, and it might even create witnesses to the event that might testify in court.

Security Fencing

Securing the perimeter of your business premises is a wise move, and there’s nothing better for this than specially designed fencing. If you don’t know very much about that product, this article takes an insightful look into how security fencing can reduce business theft costs so perhaps you might like to take a quick read. Anyway, this is an inexpensive way of adding an extra deterrent. Also, it might help to conceal some of your stock or equipment that’s kept outside. So make sure to contact professional fence builders to install security fencing on your business premises. You may also contact your local fence company to do fence repair and other fencing services.

Link To Police Station

For a small yearly fee, all business owners can have their alarm systems linked to local police stations or private security firms. That means you can rest assured that professionals will be on the scene within only a few minutes if your premises is targeted. Some find this is the best way of ensuring all their stock and equipment is secure. The best thing about this? You’ll get signs to hand all over the exterior of your property to alert would be burglars to this fact.

Well folks, that’s about all we’ve got time for today. It’s a lovely morning so get to work as quickly as you can and start making plans. Let’s try to ensure next year’s statistics are much lower than this year. At the end of the day, it’s yourselves that can make all the difference. Nobody wants to spend money on things like this, but sometimes we have no choice.

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