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Analyze This! 10 Tips On Hiring The Best Spanish Translators For Your Business

Most successful business these days have discovered the tremendous benefits that come from having trilingual packaging of their marketing material, especially in the northern Americas where English, French and Spanish live side by side. Businesses are outsourcing translators for various needs such as commercial translations (business documents), technical translations (descriptive documents and manuals) as well as literary translations. So how exactly would a business go about recruiting the best Spanish translators?Spanish Translators

  1. When it comes to selecting a translator, your best bet would be using a certified professional. Professional English to Spanish translation companies provide services to suit a wide range of needs. You are therefore assured of at least more than one individual working on your document. Furthermore, a full time translator is more likely to stay in contact more and complete your project faster than a student working as a part time would.
  1. Most professional translators have a linguistic background of some sort, which is crucial in ensuring that the correct vocabulary has been used in technical translations, for instance. Some texts may not be translated directly and may require adaptation, such as texts that contain metaphors and idioms. Linguistic knowledge will come in handy in this case.
  1. Cultural accuracy is also one aspect to consider when you are choosing your translator. For translated text to work, it needs to mirror the cultural context of the target language, including dialect where applicable. Your translator must therefore be able to present you with work that blends in well with the culture of the target language.
  1. To determine if your translator has both linguistic background and cultural knowledge, consider asking for a sample of previous work in Spanish.
  1. In addition to having a sample piece translated into Spanish, you might want to ask to see a piece written in the source language to assess the translator’s proficiency in both languages.
  1. Do ask for references of past work. Having an idea of how fellow clients rated your prospective translator, and how they dealt with any project difficulties will help you set realistic goals and expectations.
  1. When asking for references and samples, check for the workmanship of the translated work. This includes making sure that the translations are not the raw results of an internet generated translation or similar language applications. Original text that has all the correct elements of language (for example grammar, syntax and tone) will obviously be more appealing to your target audience, as well as make you look professional.
  1. Always hire at least two translators at a time. The second translator’s role is to quality assure and confirm the translation. Some businesses require the second translator to back-translate the document, that is, translate the Spanish text back into English. This is an additional check to ensure that the meaning of the text does not change through the process.
  1. One advantage of working with a professional translator is that you are assured of their ability and resources to go beyond translating your work. Some translation firms offer desktop publishing services in addition to translation into Spanish, and go one step further in preparing your document into whatever format you require. When choosing a translator, therefore, do find out if they have additional services you can make use of.
  1. Lastly, consider employing a translator who is keen to use project management and communication technology for a smoother experience. Translation and terminological software assist in speeding up the translation process. Online communication and support systems also ensure that both your translator and you stay constantly updated and on top of your project.


These are some of the tips that will make the translation process easier for you and your business, and allow you to get so much more from your translator.

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