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A Brief History Of Cardboard Boxes

You might think a history of cardboard boxes would be about as interesting as the product itself. However, these products have been incredibly popular more many years, and so we thought it would be a good idea to present you with some information today. Don’t worry, we’re going to keep things short, so there’s no need to click away. Read through all the points made in this post, and you might just learn something.

  • The first ever cardboard box to be manufactured in the UK was produced by the firm M. Treverton & Son in 1817. They made the product from single sheets of cardboard. While they looked considerably different to how they appear today, they served the same purpose.
  • Kelloggs and Nabisco were the first companies to start using cardboard boxes on a large scale. They used the boxes to help keep their cereal products safe during transit by 1896. It was more than ten years later before their products were sold to the public in cardboard boxes though.
  • By the 1900s, cardboard box making techniques had been refined. That made their production on a mass-scale much cheaper than it had been in the past. They also began to be used for many different applications at that time.
  • In 2004, the first ever house was built solely from cardboard boxes. It was designed by an Australian gentleman called Peter Ryan. His construction still stands today.

If you would like to learn more about the weird and wonderful world of cardboard boxes, you should check out the infographic we’ve attached to this post.

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Infographic By www.usedcardboardboxes.com

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