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5 Ways Video Conferencing can Save Your Business

Running a company means you’ve got to worry about a lot of things: from keeping costs down to ensuring productivity is always at a high, there’s always something that needs your attention right away. It’s all sorts of busy and there are plenty of items on your daily to-do list you really need to stay on top of if you want to kick ahead and leave your competition in the dust. One major concern, for instance, is keeping to the budget. Huge companies might be able to take budgetary concerns in stride. But few companies have that kind of financial security or massive lock-down on the market. Every time the numbers change, you’ve got to change right along with them.

Video Conferencing can Save Your Business

So if you’re determined to boost your company’s bottom line in a way that doesn’t kill your budget, here’s how video conferencing can help:

Reduced travel costs

Video conferencing is incredibly cost-effective in many ways but it’s best known for reducing travel costs, says the Houston Chronicle. Plenty of companies worldwide are already taking advantage of this handy benefit. That’s not all, though. By eliminating travel from your day, you also get to enjoy a slew of handy side-benefits or cost savings. No need to spend on accommodations for sending people for further training. No need to spend on food allowance. No need to spend on airfare tickets or train fare. With video conferencing, you save a lot of funds already.

Better IT support allocation

Companies like Blue Jeans offer business conferencing for IT and it’s one of the best advantages so far. With video conferencing, your IT team members don’t have to spend all their time managing cumbersome systems and bulky hardware. They won’t have to install systems that seem to run at the most complex of commands. You won’t have to even have to assign a dedicated IT support just to manage all the massive equipment because you won’t have them in the first place. With video conferencing, your IT support can focus on improving your communication platform and strategy. That, all in all, is surely a better use for their talents.

Ease of use

Remember the days when you had to call on the powers of an IT expert all because you couldn’t make the conference phone work? What about those times when you had to ask for IT assistance because you couldn’t seem to connect your computer to the video conferencing system, even if your life depended on it? Often times, tasks related to IT can seem like an exercise in futility. They’re often difficult and a major headache to deal with. Then video conferencing comes along and offers IT a new lease in life. With video conferencing, communication is now easier than ever. Connecting mobile to laptop and even tablet devices are all possible—and all easily done, with no IT assistance necessary. Video conferencing has made a lot of IT-related tasks so much easier, easing the burden on your IT teams and allowing them to focus on other IT aspects of the business.

Save Money

Web-based video conferencing solutions don’t require expensive hardware upgrades so you won’t have to worry about shelling out major shekels just to keep using the information and communication systems or platforms you and your teams rely on to get the job done. That’s one less monthly or annual payment you’ve got to worry about.

Your employees are more in control of their schedules

Since video conferences make it easy for you to monitor your staff and stay in touch with them, they don’t have to be tied to their desks every day, for eight hours straight of work. Companies like JetBlue recognize the advantages that work from home solutions offer, says the Harvard Business Review. When the job market was tight, JetBlue found a way to find, hire and keep the talents it needed. No, it didn’t compromise on its hiring goals just to fill up the empty slots. Instead, it adjusted its policies to allow employees to work from locations that were just three hours away from the office. That opened a lot of doors and got JetBlue the skilled and expert talent it needed in mothers who were looking for a flexible work arrangement, one that would allow them to spend as much time as possible with their kids. With video conferencing, you don’t just make it possible for employees to work anywhere, you give them greater control over their schedule. Two birds, one stone. Problem solved.

So if you’re looking for a way to improve keep costs down while attempting to improve business results on every level of your business, then consider the merits of video conferencing on your day to day operations. Whether you’re looking for a way to shave down on costs or boost your IT and communication strategy, this technology is a superior way to help you get things done.

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