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5 steps to maximising customer satisfaction in 2019

As you attempt to steer your business towards increasing financial success, you shouldn’t lose sight of the key metric that is profitability. It’s a different measure to your revenues, and it puts the onus on you reining in your monetary expenditure rather than just attempting to make new money.

customer satisfaction in 2019

Given that, as an Entrepreneur article points out, keeping customers is much less expensive than acquiring new ones, you could get your profitability drive well on track in 2019 if you…

Regularly communicate with your customers

How do you build a powerful brand – one that continues to draw customers back again and again? One way is by reaching out to them first. A mission to foster both brand loyalty and brand advocacy over time will call on you to conduct ongoing communication with your customers.

You could contact them in pleasantly surprising and spontaneous ways, too. You could offer them special discounts on their birthdays via email, as well as share useful information on social media.

Personalise your communications to customers

It’s a subject we have already started touching upon, but if you interact with your customers in such a way that they feel special, you can naturally expect them to respond positively.

It wouldn’t necessarily be difficult to do this, given the huge amount of customer data that you probably have within ready reach. Whether through a dynamically-designed website or email marketing, you can show customers products or offers that are likely to pique their interest.

Keep your contact channels accessible and easy to use

With Millennials – now the leading retail demographic – easily favouring chat above all other support channels, it shouldn’t surprise you that businesses heavily capitalised on this in 2018. Just consider how Facebook and WhatsApp integrated instant messaging functionality especially for businesses.

Especially encouragingly for businesses, it isn’t difficult to implement live chat, which you could do as part of a unified communications suite letting your customers choose from various contact methods.

Keep your staff happy to keep your customers happy

It’s easy to be despondent about various corporate matters, but there remain glimmers of hope. For example, consider that, as Total Business recalls, 2018 saw the UK’s unemployment rates reach their lowest since 1975. This has increased the urgency of firms endeavouring to keep their best workers.

For this reason, you ought to invest in your employees’ happiness this year by allowing them to strike a healthy work-life balance and preserve good mental health. This can all, in turn, enhance customer service.

Inject more flexibility into your business structure

Companies that can’t readjust to take account of crucial changes in the corporate world may struggle to meet the big challenges ahead. This sheds more light on why you should consider setting up a unified communications system from a telecoms company such as Gamma.

This would let you offer customers many different options for contacting your customer service staff. This would be no small benefit given that, according to Gartner research, 64% of people deem customer service more crucial than price when making a purchase. Check out services like The Challenger sale to know more about how to satisfy your customers.

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