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5 Easy Ways to Redesign Your Office on a Budget

Everyone’s got their own vision of what their dream office would look like. Unfortunately, time and finances can conspire to inhibit your creative opportunities. Most of us don’t have the resources that, say, Google did when they redesigned their new New York office. Instead, the rest of us have a budget to adhere to. The good news is, you can revitalize your office without breaking the bank. Here are five easy (and cheap!) office design ideas to energize any workspace, while you’re at it you should consider investing in some new office signage to make your business stand out.

Redesign Your Office

Make your Space your Own 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we do our best work when we’re comfortable in our environment. So why should the modern office not reflect that principle? Toss out any outmoded or uninspiring artwork that have been hanging on the walls since the ‘80’s, and replace them with work that speaks to you and your coworkers, e.g., custom imprinted wall calendars. You may also hire a commercial painting contractor to update the color schemes in the office. It’ll not only give your office a morale boost, it will serve as a great introduction for any visitors you might have.

If you’re looking for great ideas on choosing new furniture for the space, check out Afulltable‘s blog posts.

Embrace Mother Nature 

Open the windows. Let the sun in. Buy a plant. Buy two plants. Cover the walls in natural décor. However you do it, make sure your office is channeling positive energy. Fresh air and sunlight aren’t just necessary for flora to thrive – they’re great for people too! 

Stacks on Stacks on Stacks 

Cramped for space? You can kill two birds with one stone by stacking office supplies in vertical columns. It will look great, and allow you to get the most out of your newly-freed-up real estate. Try it out at your own home first and be creative with it! 

Going Cordless? 

No, you don’t have to invest in high-tech gadgets and monitors that run on energy from the earth’s molten core. But you should do your best to keep unwieldy cords from computers and other appliances out of the way. Nothing’s quite as maddening as tripping over a cord running across a busy area. Plus, it looks terrible. Find a better place for them and keep them away from high-traffic spots. Don’t forget to buy a Trash bin Singapore – LTC Office Supplies to keep your space tidy at all times.

Open up the Discussion 

One person’s ideal office will invariably differ from another’s. So if you’re serious about undertaking an office redesign, make sure to include your employees or coworkers in the process. Not only will they provide great feedback to your ideas, but they’ll also offer up their own suggestions. (It doesn’t cost anything to be a good listener, either!) At its best, a shared workspace is one where everyone feels comfortable, inspired, and motivated to do great work. And even the most intuitive designers would struggle with creating an optimized space without first getting to know the foibles of the people inhabiting it. Make sure to listen to suggestions first – or you’ll be hearing complaints later!

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